The old man was hit by a car and three Tibetan girls have been escorted to the hospital

The old man was hit by a car and three Tibetan girls had been escorted to the hospital's diesel generator | Diesel Generator Price / 2013-01-07

Nearly sixty years ago, Ms. Gao was hit. Although the traffic police had already dealt with it on the spot, in the face of the painful elderly, three Tibetan girls from Yudo County, Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, ran without hesitation, not only comforting the wounded but also escorting them to the hospital to settle the elderly. After good, they only left.
On January 6th, in the ward of traumatic orthopedics on the 11th floor of the Affiliated Hospital of Qinghai University, Ms. Gao, who was in nearly sixty years of age, was lying on a bed. She came to see her three Tibetan girls chatting and chatting. The three Tibetan girls are not relatives and friends of Ms. Gao. Two days ago, they did not even know each other. It was these three girls who "comforted and helped themselves when they were difficult." This made Ms. Gao very moved.
Before the accident, Ms. Gao pushed a small cart every day, and sold her life in the small department store near the provincial capital. At 6 o'clock in the afternoon on January 4th, Ms. Gao closed up and pushed a stroller to the Wuyi junction. Just as she thought of crossing the street, waiting at the pedestrian crossing, when a 25 bus was turning, the door was hung on Ms. Gao's stroller. Behind her was a flower bed fence. Ms. Gao had nowhere to hide. Right leg. Suddenly stabbed by a triangular iron on a small cart, the blood flow is more than on the spot. Ms. Gao was sorely hurt and she cried helplessly. The driver was also in disorder.
At this time, Renzeng Zhuma, who had just come out of his relatives, and two good friends, Xi Ran Wen Mao and Zhuo Ma Cuo Mao, were walking along the Yellow River Road. The scene before them made them all feel sad. "Looking at the aunt was hurt, crying, we are particularly heartache." Can not think much about it, the three quickly ran to help. Seeing the helpless driver and the sister of Gao, who later came to be frightened, the three people dialed 120 while comforting Ms. Gao.
"I was terrified at the time. If my legs were broken, how could I live?" said Ms. Gao. At that time, she was particularly scared and didn't know what to do. She just asked the person next to me: "My Will the leg break?” Renzoma Dolma kept comforting her and helped Ms. Gao wipe her tears from time to time.
Finally waited until the 120 ambulance came to the scene. When three people saw it, Ms. Gao’s older sister was also older. When other family members could not come, they immediately requested to accompany him to the hospital. In the hospital, the three girls were just like taking care of their loved ones. After running, they were registered and supported. At eight o'clock in the evening, Ms. Gao’s family arrived and the three girls left.
"The three little girls are really good. After doing so many things, they have refused to tell us their names. After that, we just had to put on a phone number." Ms. Gao said that when she needed help, she did not expect it to be. Three girls who are not acquainted with each other help themselves overcome difficulties. Speaking of these, Ms. Gao is red-rimmed.
At noon on the 6th, the reporter finally contacted Renzen Dolma. The three girls from the Yudo County of Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture are now attending Qinghai Jiaotong Vocational and Technical College. Subsequently, the reporter saw them in the dormitory building of the Qinghai Jiaotong Vocational and Technical College. They told the reporter that under the circumstances at that time, I believe anyone would do this. They just did what they should do.
In Ms. Gao’s ward, the three girls still use their smiles and sincerity to encourage Ms. Gao. Out of the ward, Renzeng Zhuoma told reporters that although Ms. Gao was not her own loved one, but that night, after they had experienced pain together, she also kept thinking of Ms. Gao. “Aunty performed an operation on Thursday and we had no class on Friday afternoon. Can come to visit her again."
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