Domestic shipbuilding industry adjusts and transforms Lianyungang ship industry to meet key points

Recently, the State Council issued the “Implementation Plan for Accelerating Structural Adjustment and Promoting Transformation and Upgrading of the Shipbuilding Industry (2013-2015)”, clearly setting out the tasks of structural adjustment and transformation and upgrading of China's shipbuilding industry in the next three years. When the policy came out, ship companies in Nantong and Taizhou were very excited and said that the spring of the shipbuilding industry has arrived. However, in the port city, various companies in the shipbuilding industry have said that the port city ships are still far from spring.

During the shift period, the Gangcheng ship “stops repairing the port”
On May 7 this year, Lianyungang Port Co., Ltd. announced that due to the impact of the international financial crisis and economic downturn, COSCO Shipbuilding and Shipbuilding and other businesses suffered a serious decline, and its operating performance suffered continuous and serious losses, and COSCO Shipping decided to dissolve both parties. Lianyungang COSCO Shipyard Engineering Co., Ltd. This incident is considered to be a move by the shipbuilding industry to the spread of state-owned enterprises.
According to the data, as of the end of June 2013, there were 14 large-scale shipbuilding enterprises in the city, including 10 shipbuilding, 1 ship repairing, 2 fishing boats and 1 ship. In 2011, the number of ships above the scale of the port city was 15 homes. The relevant person in charge of the Municipal Economic and Information Committee said that the closure of COSCO Shipyard marked the entry of the port city's ship industry into the overall shrinking period of the industry. A series of problems such as the decline in the number of industrial enterprises and the decline in orders are causing the port industry in Hong Kong to “stop the port for repairs”.
Because it is difficult to find new business opportunities, the inaction “stopping repairs” is consuming the next opportunity for the shipbuilding industry to rise. According to the "Implementation Plan", in the future, local governments may not newly approve shipbuilding, ship repairing and offshore equipment infrastructure projects. This means that even if the shipbuilding industry market turns, the port city shipbuilding industry may be unable to take advantage of market opportunities because of the self-destruction of the “shift period”.
"The most frightening thing is that I don't know where the bottom is, and bad news is coming every day." A person in charge of the ship company who did not want to be named said that in the first half of this year, the wave of small and medium-sized shipyards that broke out along the coast of Zhejiang continued. .
At present, the port city shipbuilding industry is facing four major problems: “difficulty in receiving orders, difficulty in delivery, difficulty in financing, and difficulty in profit”. Industry insiders said that if the four major problems cannot be successfully solved and the shipbuilding industry is set to sail as soon as possible, the port city's shipbuilding industry will likely die out in this round of transformation and upgrading. The entire industry will become a processing factory for other cities' shipbuilding industry, losing industrial development. Initiative. Therefore, relevant enterprises should take the initiative to attack according to market changes, set up the "big Mac" of the city's shipbuilding industry, learn the model of the original steel industry alliance, set up a coastal shipping group, integrate resources, and expand the scale.

Sail again, no need to adapt to the "new engine"
Around 2008, the port city's shipbuilding industry was once glorious. Among them, only COSCO Shipyard realized a profit of 44.797 million yuan. Although it suffered the financial crisis in the next two years, it still maintained profit. A number of port city shipbuilding companies, such as Wuzhou Shipbuilding, grew rapidly in that “golden period”. However, after 2011, the port industry of the port city began to have an inflection point. Not only did the ship repairing faucet COSCO Shipyard run out, but the shipbuilding enterprises in Guanhekou were not good, especially due to the downturn in the international freight market. Into the predicament.
The relevant person in charge of the Municipal Economic and Information Committee said frankly that the new "implementation plan", from the perspective of controlling production capacity, or promoting mergers and acquisitions, some private ship enterprises with few orders and financing difficulties can only wait for them. Being merged or reorganized. In order to promote the healthy development of the port city's shipbuilding industry, the relevant shipping companies must develop their own housekeeping skills.
"The shipbuilding enterprises in Lianyungang are mainly small and medium-sized enterprises. Therefore, the internal training of our shipping companies must be focused on small ones." Sun Kehong, director of the Guanyun County Shipbuilding Industrial Park, said frankly.
Compared with offshore vessels with higher technical requirements, the manufacture of high-efficiency energy-saving fishing vessels is becoming a new direction for the transformation of the port industry in the city, which is also in line with the new requirements of the Implementation Opinion.
“We are already working hard to promote the implementation of the high-end fishing boat reconstruction project.” Wu Yunzhu, the head of Wuzhou Shipbuilding, told the author, “At present, the Provincial Marine Fisheries Department has approved the manufacturing qualification of 45 meters of medium fishing vessels. Currently, we are still promoting the supply of offshore oil platforms. The implementation of new ship-type projects such as ships and international operations such as oil carriers have opened up the market and are becoming a new profit point for the company."
The technical requirements for new ship manufacturing are higher than that of traditional bulk cargo ships. The relevant person in charge of the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau said that although there are professional disciplines related to the ship industry, there is no platform for industry, education and research in the ship industry at or above the provincial level. With the transformation of the shipbuilding industry, technology must be advanced.

New rise, planning leads to indicate "wind direction"
After 10 years of rapid development, China's shipbuilding industry has entered a “difficult period” of adjustment and development – ​​new shipbuilding orders are seriously insufficient, new ship transaction prices are falling, and overcapacity is intensifying, and industrial development is facing an unprecedented severe situation. challenge. Experts believe that the state has adjusted the national shipbuilding industry through the "Implementation Opinions", and the city should also adjust the ideas and perspectives of regional industrial development.
It is understood that although the shipbuilding industry is an important industry category in our city, the city has not yet issued relevant plans for the shipbuilding industry. There is no answer to a series of questions such as the current status of the shipbuilding industry and where to go. The person in charge of a ship company said that Lianyungang should combine the national policy and introduce relevant policies for the ship industry to provide a direction for the port city enterprises.
According to industry insiders, at present, the structural adjustment of the shipbuilding industry will definitely cause the pain of the shipbuilding industry in our city. A group of enterprises that do not conform to the national policy will gradually be eliminated. Some actively adjusted enterprises will “eat” the market of enterprises. , to achieve bigger and stronger. Therefore, when the city plans to introduce the ship industry, the city should formulate plans for industrial development according to the needs of the market. This kind of planning starting point is high, only the policy with high starting point can ensure the stability of the policy, the market competition can be orderly, and the enterprise can quickly transform and upgrade.

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