Wearable technology Great Imagination: Or in 2015 will change people machine

The United States held two important events on wearable technology - the wearable technology conference in San Francisco and the wearable technology show in New York. CNN interviewed keynote speakers for both events to share how wearable technology turns people into machines and how we can change our way of life someday in 2015.

GERMoodSweater, designed by Sensoree, a design lab, shows the wearer's emotions. This hoodie is the same technology as the polygraph. Its sensors sense your excitement and translate the data into light of different colors. Blu-ray stands for light, red stands for anger or tension.

Hovding, a helmets designed by Swedish designers for cyclists, can be worn on the neck like a collar and quickly inflated into a helmet only in the event of an accident. Hovding does not make hair messy like a traditional helmet.

7 o'clock in the morning

April 25, 2015 At 7am in the morning, a slight vibration of LarkPro on your wrists awakens you from sleep. After getting up, you start to wash, eat breakfast, and then go out to work. LarkPro is a vibrating alarm that wakes up users by producing slight vibrations and does not wake up the sleeping partner. The device wakes up at the right moment of the user's sleep cycle to help users optimize sleep patterns.

Optimized sleep techniques are designed to help patients with insomnia improve their quality of sleep by waking them up in the slightest sleep stages. Weaner Perkash, the wearable technology inventor, said she used the wrist alarm clock for this purpose "to help my sleep be optimized." This device can track the user's sleep mode, improve the user's sleep quality.

7:10 in the morning

Before breakfast, you place your arm under a UV reader mounted on the wall and check your blood glucose levels. Your "nano-tattoo" flashes to show if your blood level is normal. As a diabetic, you used to have to puncture your fingers often, take blood samples and test them to understand your blood glucose levels. Now, you have implanted a nano-tattoo that's invisible. Just put this tattoo under the UV reader, you can understand your own blood sugar level.

Heather Clarke, a nano-tattoo inventor and professor of pharmacology at the Beowley School of Health, Northeastern University in Boston, points out that this is a very user-friendly technique that is very easy and painless to implant a nano-tattoo. Just use ultraviolet light can be. Nano tattoo research is still a long way to go. According to Clarke, the price will be very low once the technology has reached the point where it can be put on the market.

7:15 in the morning

Half asleep, you go downstairs, into the kitchen, and then open the cabinets, take a look at what to eat breakfast. You use the VuzixM100 worn to assess the nutritional value of each cereal and decide to eat cereal muesli. This breakfast will slowly release energy to meet your morning energy needs. You eat breakfast with HAPIspoon. This tableware can monitor the ingestion of food to prevent you from eating too fast.

7:30 in the morning

After breakfast, you walk into the bathroom and brush your teeth with a smart toothbrush. This toothbrush can evaluate your brushing habits. A smart toothbrush like BeamBrush can send information about the cleaning effect to your smartphone. The next day, you tell yourself this time brushing longer, in order to get better cleaning results. Sony-Mis, CEO of MisfitWearables, said he is a loyal Beam toothbrush user. "Using a smart toothbrush to brush your teeth helps me to minimize the risk of dental problems."

7:40 in the morning

You open the closet and choose the clothes to wear today. You did not choose DiffusUV - you can measure the amount of sunlight you are exposed to - because today it is cloudy, do not worry about sunburn. You also did not choose to wear a shark wetsuit because it was worn when diving. The wetsuit was worn recently when you were on holiday in the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. Finally, you've chosen Sensoree hoodies. When putting on this hoodie, the hoodies give off blue light, indicating that you feel very relaxed and calm throughout. It will emit a purple light if it feels nervous and a bright red light when it feels angry. The inventors at Sensoree said the hoodies are the same technology that polygraphs use. Its sensors sense your excitement and translate the data into light of different colors.

8:30 am

Instead of choosing a traditional helmet, you wear a Hovding helmet over your neck before cycling to work because you do not want to mess your hair. Hovding can be worn like a collar on the neck, inflating rapidly into a helmet only in the event of an accident. Skydz Pachaja, a wearable tech specialist, said Hovding looks pretty and uses "invisible" technology. It can be hidden in the fabric folds, both beautiful and can protect the safety of users in the event of an accident.

9 am to 1 pm

All day, you are connected to the Dekko augmented reality device. Not only does this device provide you with a variety of information, it also serves as an entertainment tool. Many products proposed by U.S. software companies are still just a concept. Dekko hopes to find effective ways to integrate additional visual information with every part of everyday life. Dekko is one of the companies that provide software for Google Glass. Google Glass is a computer that you can wear to display various kinds of information to users through displays mounted on the glasses.

Matt Misnix, chief executive of Dekko, said he believes the wearable technology of the future will connect the user's senses with the sensors. In the future, software like Dekko will allow people to "see through" the buildings that have passed. They connect with online servers for real-time data transfer and help users learn about people, places, and more.

1 pm

During lunch break, you wear the latest hi-tech running outfit. American sportswear brand Adidas has developed miCoach coaching shirt. Sportswear like this can monitor your activity and transmit data to your smartphone. Adidas wearable sport

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