Qingdao Guosi Diesel Oil Supply in October is Expected to Rise

In October 2013, many car owners in Qingdao are expected to let their cars drink the national oil. On August 18, the reporter learned from the relevant departments that Sinopec plans to start the upgrading of vehicle fuel quality and replacement of storage capacity from October onwards. By the end of the year, Sinopec will ensure the supply of four petrol and will supply four diesels by the end of next year. It is understood that compared with Guosan Oil, the content of pollutants in Guosi Oil has been significantly reduced, and upgrading of oil products can significantly reduce pollutant emissions and protect Qingdao air. Reporters from the refinery to the gas station, the entire journey to visit the upgrading of gasoline found that gas upgrading and upgrading increased the cost of oil refineries, people are worried about rising oil prices again.

Qingdao oil quality upgrade in October

In a news release issued by the Ministry of Environmental Protection of Sinopec, the reporter found that in order to implement the province’s air pollution prevention and control plan, Sinopec actively promoted the recovery and treatment of oil and gas, and took the lead in the completion of three oil depots in Jinan and Qingdao, 123 gas stations, and 649 gasoline guns. On the basis of the oil and gas recovery and transformation of 72 oil tank trucks, the oil and gas recovery and transformation of four oil depots in Jinan, Qingdao, Zibo, Weifang and Rizhao, 888 gas stations, and 3,048 gasoline guns were carried out in three batches. The estimated investment was 221 million yuan. , and strive to complete the transformation by the end of October.

At the same time, in accordance with the planning requirements, we will actively promote the upgrading of vehicle fuel oil products. We plan to upgrade vehicle fuel quality and replacement of storage capacity from October onwards. By then, we will ensure that we supply our country's IV gasoline by the end of 2013 according to planning requirements. IV diesel. Since factory, wholesale and retail need to go through warehousing, logistics and other links, high-standard oil products need a cycle to replace low-standard oil products. By the end of the latest year, Qingdao owners can add gasoline to the National IV standard at Sinopec gas stations.

New facilities increase major refining costs

Recently, the reporter went to Qingdao Anbang Refining & Chemical Company. In addition to the office building, the rest of the company's factory area is full of stout pipelines. On the west side of the plant, there are more than 20 tankers parked. Relevant person in charge of Qingdao Anbang Refining & Chemical Co., Ltd. told the reporter that if it wants to upgrade from Guosan Oil to Guosi Oil, it will need refineries to increase its hydrogen production equipment and hydrocracking unit. All these require companies to increase their investment. “Light desulphurization will increase the comprehensive cost of about 300 yuan per ton of gasoline, which will further increase the cost of refinery companies.” The relevant person in charge of Qingdao Petrochemical said earlier.

Sinopec Qingdao Refinery Chemical Co., Ltd. said that the construction cost of two sets of desulphurization equipment for oil upgrading was as high as more than 2 billion. According to the cost accounting and the national oil price reform regulations, the national standard gasoline is much more expensive than the national standard gasoline. At the Zhaogezhuang gas station near Heilongjiang Road, the staff said that the gas station had 7 tankers and the oil was supplied by Anbang Refinery. "There is no technical problem for our gas stations when we upgrade from the third country to the fourth country," the staff said.

There are also benefits to the engine

It is understood that the current requirement for sulfur content in the three standards of gasoline is less than 150 milligrams per kilogram of sulfur, while the national standard for sulfur content is less than 50 milligrams per kilogram of sulfur. The upgrading of gasoline from the third country to the fourth country will reduce the emission of photo-sulphide by nearly 70%. At the same time, it will also greatly reduce PM2.5 and other particulate emissions.

The reduction of sulfur content will not only reduce the emission of sulfides, and reduce the impact of automobiles on the environment. Low sulfur content gasoline also has many benefits for automotive engines.

Whether the rise in oil prices is unknown

How should the refining company increase the production cost for the upgrade? Many citizens are worried that oil prices will also rise along with oil prices. It is understood that at present, there are no specific claims that the province will increase its oil prices. However, the reporter found that Beijing did not increase oil prices when oil products were upgraded to the State of the Five. The oil companies brought about the upgrading of oil products. Losses are borne by the government.  

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