The Wall Street Journal said the new iPad will adopt a similar iPad mini design

Compared to whether the new iPad mini will be equipped with a retina display screen, this year's new iPad, which is expected to be released at the same time, doesn't sound too hot, but according to related news, the new iPad will use the same touch panel technology as the iPad mini, so it will be the same. A narrow bezel design is used and will make the overall thickness thinner.
According to a Wall Street Journal report, related industry supply chain information revealed that the new iPad will directly follow the touch panel technology introduced last year with the iPad mini. By reducing the touch sensing layer design, the overall thickness will be further reduced, and will therefore be available. Achieve a thinner, slim design with a narrow bezel. Overall, it will be close to a "zoomed-in" iPad mini.
However, at present, Apple has not confirmed the rumors in this regard, and at the same time pointed out that the previously stated will choose the United States to issue a new machine on September 10, Apple did not make any response.
As for recent rumors, many of the focuses are mainly on whether the new iPhone design adopts a larger screen and whether it is equipped with a fingerprint recognition function. In the iPad mini part, it focuses on whether or not to carry a retina display screen. There is not much rumors, there are only news about the design exposure of parts such as back covers and screen panel glasses.
Based on the current market view, it is generally believed that the new iPad products will not change much, except that they may be adjusted for processor, memory and other specifications, and may not be significantly different from the previously released versions.

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