The new rules are harsh with respect to life.

The new rules are harsh with respect to life. With the rapid development of China's economy in the past decade, automobiles have gradually turned into tens of thousands of households, and China has entered the “car society”. However, due to the non-standard teaching of some driving schools and the lack of safety rules, civilization, and public responsibility of some drivers. . As a result, traffic accidents have become more frequent in recent years and are still showing an upward trend every year. The traffic safety problem is already very serious.

In recent years, private cars have become the mainstream means of transportation in the family. The violation of traffic rules seems to have become the mainstream. As a result, the tragedies caused by various traffic accidents continue to be repeated. Countless original happy families have become fragmented due to traffic accidents. In order to avoid the occurrence of these tragedies, China promulgated a new “regulation” on January 1 to provide more comprehensive explanations and requirements for the driver’s license application and traffic regulations. In the new rules and regulations, even if the yellow light is listed as serious traffic violations, such "harshness" makes some drivers uncomfortable, and even "brick", "Tucao." However, these "tough" of them are just the important criteria for strengthening drivers, regulating driving, and driving change in bad habits. It is an important means to protect the safety of life and property of the broad masses of the people and maintain normal traffic order.

The new rules appear to be "harsh" but they protect the lives of drivers and non-drivers as well as the vital interests of the parties. Strict traffic rules can fundamentally avoid the chancefulness of some drivers. Traffic violations will be dealt with together regardless of whether they cause an accident, and they will never be tolerated. To eliminate the hidden dangers in the bud, rather than to make up for it because life is only once, and it cannot be compensated by any means.

The implementation of the new rules and regulations has fulfilled the primary task of improving the people’s livelihood at the 18th CPC National Congress. Its implementation not only enables drivers to establish a life-orientated, safety-first concept that effectively avoids the occurrence of traffic accidents, but also enables drivers to be courteous to each other so that they fully respect each other's road rights, courteous zebras, and thus greatly ease traffic congestion problems. . It is believed that in the future, under the legal effect of the new rules and regulations, drivers will become a habit in driving safety norms, so that traffic accidents will not happen again, and the road will become unobstructed and more harmonious.

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