China's casting industry mechanization level needs to be improved

At present, China's pharmaceutical machinery casting industry is booming. Only by vigorously developing science and technology and striving to occupy high-end technology, independent research and development technology and use rights can provide a solid market foundation for the development of the casting industry. This is also the key to the development of the casting industry. .

The development of China's casting industry can not be separated from the improvement of the level of mechanization, industry experts pointed out that to improve the overall level of China's machinery and equipment manufacturing, we must first improve the production technology level of China's machinery, to break the status quo of foreign technology monopoly, the integration of international standards into production In each step of the project, it gradually freed itself from the import-dependent situation and reduced the equipment price of the robots in the casting industry, thereby promoting the improvement of the level of casting mechanization.

China is a big country for die-casting castings, but it still needs to be improved in terms of production technology and industrial equipment. China's 12th Five-Year Plan clearly points out that the main task of the development of the foundry industry is to give priority to the development of major technical equipment, including the “large-tonnage die casting machine casting unit”. The goal is to provide equipment support for the technical upgrading of die-casting enterprises. The development of die-casting technology equipment will help improve the level of die-casting machinery and equipment, thereby improving the quality and technical level of castings and promoting the development of the casting industry.

In recent years, the Chinese government has successively introduced a series of policies to vigorously support the development of the domestic die-casting and foundry industries. For instance, the government can simplify procedures, reduce links, and implement uninterrupted services in the administrative approval of new die-casting projects; The development of die-casting enterprises, especially in recycling economy, safe production, clean production of environmental protection and energy-saving, has made remarkable achievements. The government has given preferential tax concessions to reduce the burden on enterprises and promote the development of enterprises; in addition, the government Financial institutions conduct macro-controls to encourage and support local die-casting and casting companies' financing and loans. With these policies as a basis, China's die-casting industry will surely achieve stable and long-term development in a rapidly changing market environment.

The aftermath of the current international financial crisis still exists, and it is still difficult for the world economy to achieve strong, sustainable, and balanced growth. Cooperation forms and national struggles are also more complicated. Faced with this situation, China's casting industry must not only enhance its innovation capability, vigorously cultivate brands, standardize the order of the casting industry, promote the construction of a credit system, and strive to cultivate new international competitive advantages based on service, quality, technology, and brand, in order to improve the casting industry. The benefits and quality of development are only so that the casting industry in our country can develop better.

As an important part of the pharmaceutical production process, the casting industry will continue to advance with the development of the pharmaceutical industry. In addition, due to the improvement of China’s economic status, advancement in science and technology, and increase in overseas demand, China’s pump valve casting industry will surely obtain Good development.

High Pressure Plunger Metering Pump(High Pressure Dosing Pump)

*Plunger Metering Pump is a special pump which used plunger's repeated movement to produce the injection of the solution.

*The pump can bear very high pressure, the maxium pressure can be with 50Mpa.

*Customrized inquirment can be done, such as multiple pump heads, remote digital control, different material of the pump head.

*The flow can be adjusted from 0-100% while it's running or stopped.  

* The capacity flow can be up to 10000L/H                                                                                                                                                                                           

* Liquid temperature range is not over than 250 degree.

*Widely used all kinds of industry, such as: Chemical, power, Nuclear, Medicine etc.

High Pressure Plunger Metering Pump

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