System and service LED lighting has high growth potential in the future

Philips ranks first in the global industry regardless of traditional lighting or LED lighting. The company's annual CapitalMarketsDay also provides forward-looking views on the development of related industries. Here, DIGITIMESResearch is expressed in a more specific and detailed manner based on the company's directional figures to observe developments in various lighting markets and annuals. In terms of the overall lighting market scale, the highest growth rate, system and service by 2018, if compared with 2013, the total increase of about 190, 180 in five years; in contrast, the traditional lighting reduction of 40. It is worth noting that In the initial stage, the annual growth rate is high. However, after 2016, the growth rate will be lower than that of systems and services. Therefore, in the future, the potential development momentum of systems and services will be larger than that of products. Although the traditional lighting recession is higher than expected, the market size will be smaller than the LED category after 2017, indicating that the developing countries in the world will still adopt traditional lighting. In this category of lighting market, the largest proportion of energy-saving lamps and fluorescent lamps, a total of about 70%, mainly due to the higher power saving, and the number of lamp holders installed in the world. It is worth noting that if the annual recession is seen, the reduction of energy-saving lamps will be greater than that of fluorescent lamps, mainly because the former faces fierce competition for LED bulb prices. The Philips lighting brand has a consumer recognition of 69, but it also faces problems such as how to improve the profitability of the lighting industry. The company's current specific practices include adjusting the industrial structure, reducing resources, reducing investment, reducing production bases, and depending on the regional market. The ability to adjust the business model, etc., shows that while maintaining its global industrial status, Philips also focuses on improving its business performance and cost management capabilities.

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