Analyze how LED display companies can change themselves in a big environment

Since 2012, with the collapse of some LED display companies, many people have talked about screen changes. It is true that the LED display market has entered the eradication phase, and the industry reshuffle has begun. However, at such a critical moment, if you grasp it well, you can easily achieve the overtaking of the curve and become the benchmark of the industry, achieving both fame and fortune. 1. Go ahead. Now LED displays are getting bigger and bigger, and the area of ​​single-screen bodies is getting bigger and bigger. The large scale of manufacturers is of course a good thing. Compared with the financing difficulties, there are only a few hundred thousand small enterprises, and large companies have advantages. Because of the development of new technologies and the expansion of new markets, funds are needed as a guarantee. Now the area of ​​the display is getting bigger and bigger. We have seen the display of five or six hundred square meters. This is the big screen in the true sense. The larger the screen, the larger the scale of production. The higher the profit while ensuring the quality, the greater the income generated for the company. 2. Go to the small. At the Guangzhou exhibition in March today, major manufacturers have exhibited small-pitch LED displays. People in indoor P3 and P2.5 have become commonplace, and now they have introduced screens with 1.5, 1.0, and 0.8 mm pitch. Because the space is now more and more precious, outdoor LED displays can achieve P5 or even P3. Small spacing will bring a large part of the market, especially in the high-end stage design, the requirements for high-definition LED display are very high. of. As the cost of LED displays has decreased, the entry of high-density LED displays into the home market has become a reality. For the shopping malls and other application sites, Kang Shuo Exhibition developed the P2.5 high-definition LED advertising brush screen machine, and mass production, making Kang Shuo exhibition the leader in the field of indoor video advertising. 3. Go to new. The new creative product is a sharp sword that hits the market. This sword can quickly cut down the enemy and protect itself. Dasheng Optoelectronics can be said to be the originator of creative LED display, various creative LED display, curved, spherical, curved, triangular polygonal, cans, beer-shaped, LED Christmas tree, the latest development of pears Shape, diamond-shaped LED display, it can be said that as long as you want, we can do it. These creative LED display products have broadened the market space, and differentiated products have also brought more profits to the company. In general, we must improve our product quality, do a good job, pay attention to research and development, enhance the continuous innovation ability of full-color LED display enterprises, practice internal strength, swords to go slant, achieve cornering overtaking, and reach the peak of the industry.

IKIA Bicycle Rim

       The IKIA bicycle rim have strong qulity , have good weldability, abrasion resistance. We can supply the mountain bicycle rim , City Bike rim , children bicycle rim ect. The ODM and OEM order can be accepted to production .

 bicycle rim

Key Specifications

  • Rims type: carbon clincher/tubular rims
  • Size: 700C
  • Rims weave options: 3K/UD/12K
  • Rims finish options: glossy/matte
  • Rims material: carbon fiber
  • Used for: 700C road bike/fixed gear/triathlon time 
  • Rims width: 23/25mm (select the width you need)
  • Tubular  415 Â±10g/piece
  • Customized special hole
  •  Note: the clincher pressure up to 160p carbon knife industry/tubular tire pressure 220p

bike rim

After service

1.If the package is broken because of the Express, you can complain with them.

2. Man-made damaged, buyers take full responsibility.

3.You may return most new, unused items sold within 7 days after you received the goods for exchange or refund. Pls contact us before you return. Our service representitive will help you and Handle Returns and Refunds Gracefully as a part of our business

Bike Rim

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