Promote the development of CNC machine tool industry to play an important role

Putting the development of domestic CNC machine tools in a prominent position, cultivating the domestic CNC machine tool market, mud into the domestic CNC new product development, promoting the industrialization process of domestic CNC machine tools, and establishing a new mechanism for enterprise development, the China CNC Machine Tool Exhibition, after the organizer The joint efforts of China Machine Tool Industry Association and the organizer Shanghai International Exhibition Co., Ltd. were successfully held at the Shanghai Everbright Exhibition.

As the domestic machine tool manufacturers' enthusiasm for the exhibition is beyond the expectations of the organizers, the exhibition area is limited, so the threshold of exhibitors and exhibiting products is correspondingly increased, emphasizing the new look of state-owned enterprise reform, as well as the health of new forces such as joint-stock private and joint ventures. In the development trend, these enterprises have been playing the main role of domestic CNC industrialization in the numerical control industry in recent years, and have played a major role in the national key construction projects.

In addition, since this exhibition is the first national professional exhibition of CNC machine tools after entering the WTO, the main organizer also attaches great importance to the organization of the audience, so that the scale and quality of professional concepts are fully guaranteed. At the same time, in order to further enrich the connotation of the exhibition, on the eve of the exhibition, the machine tool industry was also established to realize the leap-forward development forum. Through the authoritative scholars and enterprise experts from home and abroad, how to improve the core competitiveness of China's machine tool and tool manufacturing industry around the information age. A theme was discussed in depth, and it was taught by many exhibitors to promote the development of the CNC machine tool industry and play an important role in meeting the competition and challenges faced by the world.

Dalian Machine Tool Group's series of CNC lathes and turning centers co-produced with Germany, the diameter of the machine on the bed, the diameter of the processing, the diameter, the processing length, the spindle speed, the turret station, the numerical control system, the Shanghai Shanghai Jiangning Machine Tool Plant, the twin-spindle CNC automatic lathe, the bed body rotary diameter Sliding diameter on the skateboard, positive and negative spindle speed, one spindle, power shaft stroke, one CNC system, Shanghai Second Machine Tool Plant, an inverted vertical turning center, rotary diameter, power turning length, chuck diameter, power shaft stroke, spindle spindle, power cutter shaft, fast stroke, turret cutter Among them, the dynamic knife CNC system in Germany can complete the process of turning, milling and attacking under one loading, and can realize automatic loading and unloading.

High-precision CNC lathe, on-body rotary diameter, power slide, rotary diameter, turning length, spindle speed, spindle power, turret, tool position, roundness, surface roughness, CNC system, Jinan, a machine tool group, CNC lathe, and a double turret CNC lathe Processing diameter diameter processing length Pail axis stroke spindle speed one printing spindle power turret station CNC system one turning center, processing diameter power processing length jZ axis stroke spindle speed one spindle power turret station CNC system Yunnan machine tool factory one turning Center, rotary diameter, spindle spindle speed, spindle power, cutter shaft stroke, turret station, CNC system, optional.

Shanghai punching and shearing machine tool factory, one sheet bending machine, nominal force table, long filling column, throat depth, slider stroke, opening height, numerical control system, Shanghai, Shanghai, the second forging machine tool factory, rotary head press, nominal force sheet size plate Thickness-slider stroke, secondary punching frequency, modulus, most in the punching frequency, modulus, maximum punching diameter, working precision, CNC system or Tianshui Forging Machine Tool Plant recently developed large spiral steel pipe end expansion machine large straight seam steel pipe Expanding machine steel pipe hydraulic testing machine and copper pipe full sewing machine have solved the advanced domestic equipment provided by China's large pipe manufacturing industry.

Hefei Forging Machine Co., Ltd. produces one or three kinds of insulation plate forming hydraulic presses. The main machine adopts pre-tightening screw frame structure, especially in the design of driving slider, and the adjustable guide rail guides to ensure the high precision of movement. The press is controlled and has two working modes: fixed stroke and constant pressure. The three-way pipe joint hydraulic press developed by Zhejiang Huzhou Machine Tool Plant directly extrudes the seamless steel pipe into a seamless steel tee pipe joint or a special-shaped pipe joint with special technology. The three-way pipe joint hydraulic press has the characteristics of high production efficiency and remarkable economic benefits, and has become an important processing equipment for the domestic joint processing industry.


We mainly export motorcycles (200CC, CG200, GN200, CGL200, and CM200), tricycles, scooters, engines and parts. Those brake system are drum or disk brake, rear drum brake which are strong front shock and rear shock. The CG200 is popular model. Different types of motorcycles have different dynamics and these play a role in how a Motorcycle performs in given conditions. Motorcycle fuel economy varies greatly with engine displacement and riding style. Engines are 150cc single-cylinder. The motorcycles are 4 strokes, air-cooler, and spoke or alloy wheel. Max speed Max speed about 95 km/h. Gasoline 90# or above. It starts method kick and electric and the compression ratio is 9.2:1. One muffler, bore and stroke 63.5 x 62.2mm, max output power is 9.5/7500 kw/rpm. Motorcycle tyres have Large influence over handling as the front tire size: 2.75-18/3.00-18, rear tire size is 3.00-18/ 110/90-16.

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