·Why does Beijing “reject” plug-in hybrid cars?

At present, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other urban markets have been open to plug-in hybrid cars, but Beijing still refuses to plug in the power path. In this regard, relevant parties in Beijing said that some plug-in hybrid vehicles entering the consumer market are actually using oil, which has not played the role of energy saving and environmental protection. Relevant experts said how to effectively break local protection, ensure the local initiative to promote the local new energy vehicle market, test the wisdom of policy makers. At the end of February this year, Beijing released the "Beijing demonstration application of new energy passenger car manufacturers and product catalogue" (1st batch) Phases 1 and 2, a total of 6 car companies 7 pure electric vehicles were shortlisted, enjoying local preferential policies such as local financial subsidies in Beijing and special new energy vehicle licenses. According to the plan, Beijing will continue to increase the number of local catalogues for vehicles and models, and release the second and third batches of local catalogues in June and September.
Half a year has passed, and the second and third batch catalogues of Beijing have not yet been released. On August 27th, Shanghai issued the "Notice on the Release of the Eighth Batch of Shanghai Privately Purchased New Energy Vehicle Subsidy Pilot Models". Why is the local catalogue in Shanghai still being released, and the Beijing local catalog is in a dormant state? An expert who recently participated in the Beijing New Energy Automobile Joint Conference told the Economic Daily reporter that the main reason was that the issue of plug-in hybrid vehicles entering Beijing did not form a final conclusion.
The dispute between pure electricity and plug-in has a long history. Since the release of China's "Energy Conservation and New Energy Vehicle Industry Plan (2011-2020)" in July 2012, whether the new energy vehicles are mainly pure electric vehicles, or the development of hybrid vehicles, and then gradually transition to pure electric vehicles. It is full of controversy.
After multiple rounds of competition, currently Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other first-tier cities have opened plug-in hybrid cars, but Beijing, which has a strong demonstration effect, still adheres to the development of new energy vehicles for pure electric vehicles, and rejects the plug-in path. Outside the door, he was also criticized for being a hat of local protectionism. Dong Yang, executive vice president and secretary general of China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, has bluntly pointed out that new energy vehicles include pure electric vehicles, plug-in hybrid vehicles and fuel cell vehicles, and Beijing refuses to plug-in hybrid cars. Short-sighted behavior."
But Beijing does not agree with this view. "Beijing's choice of pure electric drive has no problem at all." The relevant person in charge of the Beijing New Energy Vehicle Development Promotion Center repeatedly explained that, first, the products and technologies of pure electric vehicles are constantly improving and mature. The marketing effect is not bad. Secondly, pure electric vehicles are non-polluting, and have achieved zero emissions in actual operation, which has effectively played a role in protecting Beijing's blue sky. However, some plug-in hybrid vehicles entering the consumer market are running with oil, air pollution is still in place, and the purpose of reducing exhaust emissions has not been achieved. Third, every policy will have a focus. Beijing chooses pure electric vehicles. It seems that there is no support for plug-in hybrid vehicles, but conversely, if Beijing chooses plug-in hybrid vehicles, it will inevitably weaken the support for pure electric vehicles. These two aspects are unlikely to be balanced and must be focused. . Beijing supports the development of pure electric vehicles from the perspective of environmental protection, pure electric vehicles and their industrial development.
It is understood that although the plug-in hybrid car is a new energy car, the volume of the fuel tank is not proportional to the battery capacity. For example, a multi-access domestic plug-in hybrid car, which has a battery life of only 70 kilometers in pure electric mode, and its fuel tank volume is up to 50L, and its fuel life can reach 600km to 700km. . Based on this calculation, the ratio of electric drive and oil drive mileage is close to 1:10, which is basically the same as ordinary gasoline vehicles. A large amount of exhaust emissions is worrying. In some restricted cities, more users are buying plug-in hybrid vehicles to obtain scarce licenses and high-purchase subsidies, but in pure fuel consumption mode.
"In the current situation of insufficient construction of charging piles, the use of plug-in and extended-range electric vehicles is actually equivalent to the use of ordinary hybrid vehicles, and can not achieve effective energy-saving and environmental protection purposes." Vice President, Electric Vehicle Country, Beijing Institute of Technology According to Sun Fengchun, director of the engineering laboratory, “the government will provide real gold and silver to subsidize, of course, it is more willing to support pure electric vehicles with better energy conservation and environmental protection effects.”
However, some insiders also said that the fuel-powered part of the plug-in hybrid car is mainly to solve the problem of the cruising range that consumers are worried about. Any driver who plugs in the hybrid car will use the electric drive when possible. After all, the electricity consumption ratio is used. The oil must save money, and ultimately the market law is decisive. "The problem is that the charging facilities are not enough now, and it is necessary to speed up the construction and facilitate the use of everyone, instead of simply imagining and accusing them of not achieving energy saving and environmental protection effects."
Relevant experts said that the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology is currently seeking comments on the establishment of a national unified new energy vehicle promotion catalogue, but there is no clear timetable for when the catalogue will be introduced. "The key now is how does this national catalogue come out? First of all, it cannot be in conflict with the technical requirements of the "New Energy Vehicle Model Catalogue Exempting Vehicle Purchase Tax" issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the State Administration of Taxation, and it is actually breaking the role of local protection. It is also necessary to ensure that the local government promotes the enthusiasm of the local new energy vehicle market. Whether Beijing under the pressure of smog and congestion will become a special case will indeed test the wisdom of policy makers,” said the experts.

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