The woman visits the museum and has refused to respond because of her photo ID.

The woman visited the museum because there was no photo ID refused to respond to protect the exhibits Diesel Generator | Diesel Generator Price / 2013-01-09

After the free opening of public museums in China in 2008, 1,804 museums have been opened to the public free of charge; in the past four years, museums have received an average of 400 million visitors each year, and the average number of viewers in each hall has increased by 50% compared to that before free opening. The number has increased by more than 10 times. However, there are people who are not very satisfied with the free and open museum, and question too many free and open museum levels.
Ms. Li of Guangzhou complained about the local newspaper, and there were many free museum doors. She ate the closed doors at her own free museum entrance. She wanted to take her children to the Guangzhou Museum of Art to participate in a free tour. At that time, she only brought the Guangzhou Citizen Park Card and the child brought a student ID card. These two documents were common documents in Yangcheng, but because there were no photos on it, they were rejected. For this reason, she questioned that these Cantonese-speaking citizens could not enjoy the local cultural facilities because they did not have photos. She was very sad about such a system. After the museum responded that from the Asian Games, the museum strengthened the inspection of the audience by the entrance. The inspection of the documents was more stringent than the general museums. These measures are to protect the safety of the exhibits and the audience.
However, Ms. Li and other netizens do not buy it. Some netizens said that they can learn from abroad, such as the Louvre in France. On the open day, they only need to pass security checks. Another careful netizen also listed some of the Beijing Free Museum's thresholds: The Beijing National Museum requires two days of booking. The first blog needs to be booked one day in advance. Each one is free, but it is not free. Everyone must also take valid ID cards to collect tickets. This process adds to the trouble of visiting.

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