China's instrumentation industry is in the development stage

China's instrumentation industry is in the development stage The instrumentation industry is in a high-speed development. The deficit in imports and exports is relatively large. The entire industry is a sector that has undergone rapid restructuring and development. Some overseas instrumentation companies have invested and expanded production in China because China is a developing country. There is a promising future for development.

However, in the ranks of developing countries, China is the largest and most complete and most comprehensive country in the instrumentation industry. Second, China’s demand for instruments and meters is one of the fastest growing countries. Third, at present, the instrumentation industry is an industry that directly competes with foreign companies.

As we all know, the rise of China's modern instrumentation industry began with the introduction of foreign technology to imitate innovation, and imitation has indeed greatly promoted the development of China's instrumentation manufacturing industry. At the same time, many famous foreign instrument brands have been troubled by illegal copying.

In recent years, China's industrial safety accidents have occurred frequently, and the instrumentation industry, which plays an important role in these fields, has received unprecedented attention. The confidence of users in domestic instrumentation products is still in the training period. Illegal and poor imitation products flood the market. The user’s scene is like burying a time bomb in these areas. It is very likely that ethnic enterprises will suffer a loss. Instruments and meters companies should strengthen self-discipline in the industry. Relevant units and industry associations should pay more attention and improve their alertness.

Automation instrumentation is an important auxiliary equipment widely used in various industries of the national economy, and it is also one of the important equipments for enterprises to realize production informatization and automation. The rapid development of China’s economic construction has brought strong demand to the instrument industry. Relevant data show that the growth of automation instrument demand is generally 2 to 2.5 times higher than the GDP of the year. In the past ten years, China's GDP has increased by nearly three times. It is estimated that the automation instrument industry has increased nearly 10 times. At the same time, most of the instrumentation companies are still at the stage of reference and imitation of foreign products, or between domestic counterparts.

The instrumentation industry should be innovated from the imitation and thus developed.

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