The first set of mobile open diving bells of Huaying General Factory was successfully developed.

China Shipbuilding Heavy Industry News, recently, the first set of mobile open diving bell system of Chongqing Huaying Electric Instrument General Factory was successfully developed. This type of system will become the main development direction of China's future open diving bell.

The open diving bell is a kind of diving bell series, suitable for medium and shallow diving. As a diver's underwater relay station and a vehicle for dive, ascending and underwater decompression, it can increase the safety of divers and improve divers. The efficiency of underwater operations reduces the labor intensity of divers. At present, there are not many open diving bell systems in use in China, and most of them are fixed on the diving work mother ship. Due to the limited number of dedicated mother ships, due to the restrictions on the use conditions, the use of open clocks is less efficient.

The mobile open diving bell system developed by Huaying General Factory can provide a more comfortable and safe working environment for divers to work underwater. It can dive deeper, be more economical, and can reduce the physical exertion of divers. A new set of diving equipment and equipment has been provided for offshore oil exploration, diving salvage and underwater operations. It has broad application prospects and also brings considerable economic benefits to Huaying General Plant.

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