Pioneer Instruments Announces New Automatic Detection Solution

Pioneer Instruments Announces New Automatic Detection Solution Recently, Beijing Primar Instrument Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Prince") announced a new type of automatic detection program - projectile size detection system. The system is a set of online automatic final inspection equipment. It adopts the laser scanning method to restore the outline of artillery shells in the computer. It can quickly detect the shell's external dimensions and shape and position tolerances, meet the on-line automatic detection of large quantities of products and avoid human detection. The resulting errors, while ensuring data reliability and improve data management convenience.

[program features]

Comprehensive detection, zero false acceptance: Based on the overall modeling, the device can detect full runout of the centering part; it can perform multi-phase detection of diameter and axial position (better than manual detection of only 2 to 3 points), so that the measurement results are complete. Ensure zero false receipts.

Non-destructive testing: Laser non-contact measurement, relative to contact measurement, avoids test errors caused by wear of mechanical gauges.

Reliable data: The entire test process is completed automatically, and the computer records, records, and prints data to avoid manual measurement errors and record errors.

Good adaptability: This equipment is based on the principle of coordinate measurement. It can meet the requirements of multiple products on-line detection for new projectiles (with dimensions within a certain range) that customers can put into production later. The equipment can be adapted without adjustment.

【Functions and Indicators】

Test time (without pick-and-place parts): ≤ 30s;

The diameter, circular runout and axial position of the projected section (perpendicular to the axis) can be detected, and the full runout of the cylindrical surface of the centering section can be detected;

Diameter test accuracy: ≤ ± 10μm;

Round run test accuracy: ≤ ± 20μm;

Axial test accuracy: ≤ ± 20μm;

Equipment Metering: Provides standard body and equipment calibration procedures;

Alarm function: sound and light alarms and detection information are given when unqualified products are detected;

Equipment life: can detect 300 to 5 million hair;

With data storage, query, print capabilities.

It is understood that although the equipment developed by Primal State is used exclusively by military units, the detection technology used can also be used for the rapid detection of the external dimensions and shape and position tolerances of other industrial products, and it can be adapted to the mass production, automation, and rapidity of industrial production lines. The need for production testing.

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