Refractory Material Except Ferromagnetic Separator

Refractory material except ferromagnetic separator command pattern Hematite ore dressing strong magnetic separation method: selected hematite mineral is a weak magnetic mineral [specific magnetic susceptibility X=10×10-6~600×10-6cm3/g], in magnetic field strength Ho = 800 ~ 1600kA / m (10000 ~ 20000oe) magnetic field magnetic separator can be recovered, generally can improve the iron grade 4% to 10%. Due to its simple operation, easy control, and strong adaptability, magnetic separation can be used for the selection of various hematite ore types. In recent years, it has dominated the selection of hematite ore processing equipment. Various new types of coarse, medium and fine grain magnetic machines have been successfully developed.

At present, the domestic selection of hematite is widely used in the medium-strength magnetic separator, coarse-grained and fine-grained magnetic separators have gradually been applied, and the fine-grained magnetic separator is still in the experimental stage.

Hematite ore dressing re-election - magnetic separation process: hematite mineral processing equipment is selected for heavy-magnetic separation, the main treatment is leaching filtration type oxidation hematite ore, and the AM-30 jig is used to treat 30 to 3mm of washed mine. More than 40% of the iron can be obtained with high-quality iron ore concentrate, and after being selected by hand to remove impurities, it can be used as raw material for battery iron powder. After the jigging tailings and the less than 3mm washed minerals are ground to less than 1m, they are selected by a strong magnetic separator. The grade of iron concentrates should be increased by 24% to 25% to 36% to 40%.


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