·Management of dangerous goods in different places

The "8·26" mega-traffic accident has once again triggered people's worries about the safety of dangerous goods transportation.

On August 29, the reporter learned from a person from the Department of Transportation and Logistics of the Department of Transportation of the Ministry of Transport that as of the end of 2011, there were 9,609 road dangerous goods companies in the country, and there were 490,000 people holding driving licenses.

A tanker driver who transports natural gas told reporters that a car carrying 20 tons of natural gas was transported from Yan'an County to Guangdong. It took two days to go back and forth four months. "We have two drivers. If you are tired, you will switch to open. When you eat or refuel, you will stop midway."

"Because of the weak review of the qualifications of dangerous goods transport enterprises, violations of vehicles and other violations have been repeatedly prohibited; coupled with geographical restrictions, the management of foreign business qualification certificates is very chaotic. According to statistics, 40% of accident carriers have no road hazards in dangerous goods transportation accidents. Cargo transportation permit; 43% of accident drivers and escorts have no dangerous goods transportation qualification certificate." An economist working in a transportation company engaged in oil and gas storage and transportation security research, an official published an article last year, said that dangerous goods road transport has a long position Management: There are public security, transportation and other competent departments; there are quality inspection, sanitation and other regulatory departments. The disadvantages of the cross-functionality are: on the one hand, the responsibilities are unclear; on the other hand, the management overlaps and the standards are not uniform, causing the enterprise to be at a loss.

On August 8th, before the accident, the Transportation Administration of Shaanxi Provincial Communications Department issued the Notice on Doing a Good Job in the Safety Management of Methanol Fuel Transportation. The notice said that it will strengthen the enterprises, vehicles and drivers of methanol fuel transportation. Supervision of escorts. Vehicles and tanks transporting methanol fuel shall be regularly inspected and inspected according to the regulations. They must comply with the safety technical standards for road dangerous goods transport vehicles and install a satellite positioning system with driving record function to carry out monitoring of the whole process of transportation.

A traffic policeman of the Yan’an High-handed Team told reporters that vehicles transported in accordance with the regulations should be reported to the local traffic control department. However, because dangerous goods are transported across provinces and long distances, vehicles cannot report to the provincial traffic control department. In addition, the traffic control department will not be able to supervise such vehicles. For example, a tanker is coming from Inner Mongolia. When it is only through Shaanxi Province, it can't report it. We sometimes don't know when it will come in and when it will go out. The traffic control department has no way to supervise it.

It is worth noting that many domestic cities have already issued relevant prohibitions or prohibited highways on dangerous goods transport vehicles on some road sections. For example, the “Regulations on the Safety Management of Dangerous Chemical Vehicles in Expressways of Hebei Province (Trial)” stipulates that dangerous chemicals vehicles are allowed to pass through the expressway in the province from 7:00 to 19:00, and dangerous chemicals vehicles are strictly prohibited from entering and staying at high speed at night. In the highway area; Shitai Expressway and summer Jingqin and Tangjin Expressway are prohibited from passing dangerous chemicals vehicles 24 hours a day; dangerous chemicals vehicles must travel at a speed of no less than 70 kilometers per hour on the expressway and no more than 90 kilometers.

In this regard, Cheng Shidong, a researcher at the National Development and Reform Commission's Comprehensive Transportation Research Institute, told reporters that problems could not be “one banned” and that dangerous chemicals vehicles may also have problems driving on ordinary roads. To reduce the occurrence of accidents, strengthening management is the key.


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