Quartz ore magnetic separator to create a professional brand

Quartz ore magnetic separator to create a professional brand

Quartz ore magnetic separator is simple in structure to create a professional brand quartz mine magnetic separator generally consists of cylinder, magnetic system, tank body, magnetic guide plate, bracket, spray pipe, ore box, unloading water pipe, floor, magnetic declination adjustment Devices, brackets, etc.

In the quartz mine magnetic separator sweeping area, all NdFeB permanent magnetic materials are used to compose multi-angle, high-gradient, high-field-strength magnetic circuits with a surface field > 3000 Gs and a magnetic material recovery rate of 99.8% .

Quartz ore magnetic box chassis design structure is reasonable, easy to clean large particles, box strength, good rigidity. The drive system is simple and durable , easy to disassemble and easy to adjust. Quartz ore magnetic separator is widely used in mineral separation, iron removal, magnetic separation and other fields. It is the basic equipment for steel, materials and other industries. Our products are complete, ranging from ferrite to NdFeB high magnetic field, specifications from φ600 to φ1200, magnetic fields from 1200 gauss to 6000 gauss for your choice.

Quartz Magnetic Separator: Wet Quartz Mineral Separator, Dry Quartz Separator, Forward Quartz Separator, Semi- Counterflow Quartz Separator, Counterflow Quartz Separator, Strong Magnet British ore magnetic separator, weak magnetic quartz magnetic separator, cylinder quartz magnetic separator, permanent magnetic cylinder quartz magnetic separator, weak magnetic cylinder quartz magnetic separator, high gradient quartz magnetic separator.

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