U.S. approach to the management of haze

As the most developed country, the United States once caused serious air pollution due to industrial emissions, automobile exhaust, and so on. In the middle of the 20th century, atmospheric concentrations of ozone were high in Los Angeles, and the problem of photochemical smog (a light blue smog produced by the photolysis of pollutants) was prominent. In two times in 1952 and 1955, they formed hundreds of positions within a few days. The tragic death of the old man.

After painful thinking, the United States has taken a long road to cure haze. The United States adopts a regional environmental management framework to break the boundaries of the state. According to geography and socio-economic conditions, the country is divided into ten major geographic regions, and regional offices are set up for unified management.

In 1990, the "Clean Air Act" passed the amendment and the states with serious ozone pollution jointly established the "Ozone Transmitting Association" to formulate relevant emission reduction standards and supervise the implementation, covering the United States in more than 20 states and the eastern Canadian provinces and achieved remarkable results. The results. In 1997, the US Environmental Protection Agency established the standards for atmospheric PM2.5 content in accordance with the Clean Air Act. It has set up thousands of particle detection sites nationwide, and the management focus on PM2.5 is strict. Monitoring, real-time disclosure, legislative norms.

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