Liugong 933E, a "loading person" born for high productivity

In today's construction machinery industry, the desire of excavators and machine owners is not only a pure pursuit of low fuel consumption and low cost economy, but from investment and income, cost and output, energy consumption and environmental friendliness. A variety of interrelated perspectives. Liugong E-series excavator is a product that enhances your comprehensive value. It maintains the D series's high efficiency, energy saving, reliability and easy maintenance, and improves it to a higher level. Together with excellent handling, it will satisfy you. All expectations. These machines can shorten your cycle time and greatly increase your productivity, helping you to tap your wealth more quickly and easily.


The CLG933E hydraulic excavator is a practical product in the Liugong E-series large excavator. It is designed for engineering customers who are engaged in earthwork, gravel excavation, and loading operations (especially those with high loading efficiency). At the same time of efficient operation, customers can reduce fuel consumption and increase profits. Whether you are in a mine, quarry, road construction, site leveling or any other job, you will be able to deliver outstanding performance.


Control the heart, highlight the efficient "min"

The hydraulic system of the CLG933E excavator is equipped with the top Kawasaki configuration, and the key components are all supplied by the world's leading suppliers. By equipped with Kawasaki's new RB type main control valve, the spool control domain is expanded, which greatly improves the micro-motion performance of the whole machine and is quick to respond.

At the same time, the valve stem oil groove and cross section are optimized, and the logic valve and the 8-connected solenoid valve are added, which greatly improves the operation, flat ground and rotation performance of the whole machine, so that the whole machine and the operator can achieve the effect of "human-machine integration".

Through the realization of straight-line walking, swing priority, confluence, and regeneration functions, the most reasonable flow distribution is provided for the composite action of the whole machine, ensuring that the loading, rotating, unloading and returning actions are highly coordinated and smooth, and the working cycle time is greatly shortened.


Powerful, demonstrating the "power" of efficiency

Undoubtedly, the 933E excavator has a powerful "heart" equipped with Cummins' exclusive QSB7 engine for the Liugong excavator. The excellent six-cylinder engine uses an electronically controlled common rail fuel injection system. Injection of fuel (3-5 times), staged combustion, thus effectively controlling the maximum temperature and pressure in the combustion chamber, so that the generation of harmful substances is controlled, greatly improving the average effective work pressure of the engine, thus ensuring its possession Power, to help the machine reach a new level of efficiency, while allowing you to enjoy the benefits of low fuel consumption.


Bucket design, highlighting the efficiency of "smart"

The CLG933E's bucket adopts a low-resistance crescent-shaped bucket design and is equipped with five rock-shaped bucket teeth with enhanced plunging force and ribs, which make it easy to flow in the loading operation, with low resistance and fast loading/unloading. , the characteristics of the full charge.


Broad vision, highlighting the "broad" of high efficiency

The Liugong E-Series 933E excavator cab is ergonomic and is the most spacious of the same tonnage models in the industry. At the same time, it adopts supercharged design, which has excellent dustproof and noise reduction effect; multi-function liquid crystal display, automatic air conditioning and large storage space provide the operator with the most comfortable working environment, ensuring the operator maintains a high working time during long working hours. Productivity.


Multiple modes, highlighting the “choice” of energy saving

In conjunction with the IPC control system independently developed by Liugong E series, through the matching analysis and mode setting of the engine's unique deep characteristic curve, six main working modes and 12 gears are set together, which are selected according to different working conditions. Different modes and gears: 6 modes of operation: high-speed mode, economic mode, fine mode, lifting mode, crushing mode and hydraulic shearing mode, which can cope with various working conditions, be intelligent and make full use of engine fuel consumption characteristics to achieve high efficiency. Energy saving.


Economic model E:

Users are strongly recommended to choose this mode when excavating work, because Liugong excavator is fast and can get better fuel economy.

High speed mode P:

If you need to dig faster, you can choose the high speed mode P for maximum productivity.

Fine mode F:

It is suitable for jobs with slow movements, such as digging a square pit, trimming the slope, backfilling the tree pit, pole pit, etc. It is easier to do things at once.

Broken mode B:

This is a model specially designed for the breaker, which is powerful and powerful.

Lift mode L:

Designed specifically for lifting and lifting operations, hydraulic pressure is high, flow is small, and lifting is guaranteed.

Attachment mode ATT:

Convenient to equip with a variety of work attachments.


Real-time query, highlighting the "display" of energy saving

Customers can monitor the working mode and real-time fuel consumption of the whole machine in real time through Liugong GPS system. "The excavator equipped with Cummins QSB7 engine can save 3 liters per hour compared with the same tonnage excavator in the industry. It costs 6 yuan per liter and saves 18 yuan per hour. Each machine works 20 times a day. Hours, can save 360 ​​yuan per day, equivalent to the daily wages of 1.5 operators. Saving fuel is to save money, saving money is to make money, this machine is too cost-effective to buy." Shandong Wang boss said.


Perfect match, highlighting the “intelligence” of energy saving

The operation weight of the 933E excavator is 31,300kg. This is the international R&D team and post-doctoral team of Liugong R&D Center. It has carried out tens of thousands of simulation experiments to determine the most suitable operating weight for loading operations. Using the fuel consumption characteristics of the engine to achieve the best match of the whole machine, engine and hydraulic pump, the 933E has high efficiency, low fuel consumption and good economical advantages!


Safe and environmentally friendly, highlighting the “green” of energy conservation

The 933E excavator has a tubular framed cab, all of which pass the rigorous and stringent safety performance test and are CE certified. The loading is carried out from the lateral, longitudinal and vertical directions of the cab, so that the operator can be protected even if the excavator is tipped over.


With the increasing demand for environmentally-friendly and energy-saving equipment in the global market and the repeated strengthening of the emission standards in the national policy layer, Liugong timely launched products equipped with new intelligent EFI engines to meet the challenges, allowing customers to enjoy the priority of equipment technology updates. At the same time, you can get multiple benefits with lower fuel consumption, smarter and more efficient work performance.

As the representative of the fifth-generation E-series excavator, Liugong CLG933E is a model for Liugong to lead the improvement of China's excavator products, and it is also a “loading person” that meets the needs of users. (This article is from Liugong)

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