Road sweeper repairs what to do to save money

No matter whether it is a commercial vehicle or a lot of users of an engineering vehicle, it should be “slaughtered” at an outside repair shop. Of course, the fluid of the road sweeper is no exception, and the breakdown of the vehicle's sesame seeds will be infinitely enlarged. , I can't wait to give your car a major repair and kill you more. In addition to the driver's money, most of his energy should be wasted on repairing road sweepers . So, how should we avoid these terrible situations? Based on years of experience in pit excavation by old drivers, it is worthwhile to sum up the method of repairing the road-sweeping vehicles that save money for the owners of road sweepers.

For the repair of small parts, it may be necessary to start repairing yourself. For the primary maintenance knowledge of the vehicle, it should be charged as early as possible. For example, a vulnerable type of small parts such as a road sweeper's light bulb is in any case difficult to avoid damage. Therefore, the driver should carefully study the simple structure of the tail light of the clean sweeper and change the way, you can own Buying the right light bulb to replace it on its own, not only does it eliminate the pain of lining up at the repair shop, but it also increases the understanding of the structure of the sweeper.

The second is that for some “difficult diseases” of vehicles, it is possible to go to the service station of the road sweeper for free diagnosis. The sweepers used today have relatively complex precision mechanical components and electronic systems. Those troublesome problems can be solved by small repair shops and auto parts cities. Today's service stations spend most of their time troubleshooting the sweeper. Therefore, it is still costly to ask several service stations to find out the cause of the failure of the vehicle first. If the faults detected by each store are the same, then the source of the problem can be judged very well.

In the end, if for the degree of overhaul, it involves the maintenance of the chassis of the sweeper, the engine, the gearbox, and the driving computer and so on, or what professional maintenance masters are required to go into battle. Don't go to the service station for repairs. Before I heard that the master of the sweeping truck said that the engine of my car was only a little bit of burning oil. When I passed by to a small repair shop, I thought about repairing it. Who knows after that? After such a toss, the sweeper had some malfunctions, such as anomalous noises, frequent car breakdowns, and so on. Finally, he had to spend a lot of money again to complete a thorough repair at the service station. Everyone in the road sweeping vehicle driver friends, after the failure of important critical parts of the vehicle, do not go to the roadside maintenance department because of distressed money, or should they choose a regular service station to carry out the Lee. Avoid losing a lot of energy and money to toss. Especially those vehicles that are still in their maintenance period should choose service stations with formal technology and high-quality Accessories. (Text / Sun Ni)

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