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At the 2016 Beijing International Auto Show, a total of more than 10 high-end light trucks were displayed at the domestic mainstream light trucks JAC, Beiqi Foton, FAW Jiefang, Nanjin Yuejin, and the truck industry “dark horse”--Sichuan Hyundai. Five vehicles and very controversial so-called "new energy" electric vehicles. Although only a dozen of show vehicles are enough, they are eye-catching because they represent the future development direction and trend of domestic light truck products and markets.

A, a traditional show car light truck fuel
<br> <br> this session of the Auto Show, JAC's rate handsome bell, bell Chun, Kang Ling and three electric light truck brand in full display, its scale beyond the previous, its technical standards Also unconventional. The multi-purpose vehicle networking system “J-ConNet” is the key launch of Jianghuai Automotive. It is based on the needs of market customers and based on “high-precision positioning, wireless communication, remote vehicle diagnosis, remote vehicle control, big data analysis, and other technical systems. Enterprise owners, logistics companies, and truck drivers provide intimate and convenient services throughout the entire process. Its powerful features include not only intelligent vehicle management such as position monitoring, fuel consumption management, traffic safety, diagnostic maintenance, driving analysis, and operation monitoring. Services can also provide customized services for different logistics segments and customer bases such as urban express, cold chain, and dangerous goods transportation."

Throughout the exhibition, the JAC truck series has a marked tendency toward autos, and there is a trend towards standardization of comfort. Such as Jianghuai handsome bell X small card, handsome bell H multifunction steering wheel, and with airbags, electric windows, heating and air conditioning, central locking is already standard, electric mirror adjustment, rearview mirror heating, anti-glare Sight glasses, cruise control, etc. are also assembled on many cars. Shuai Ling H, Kang Ling K5, Shuai Ling X and the new Jun Ling V6K are equipped with optional MP5, leather seats and navigation features such as liquid crystal display.

The four high-end light trucks exhibited by Beiqi Foton are the most prominent ones. They have extended the EST super truck to Omagh and Ao Ling. The “super truck version,” respectively, is the Audi Bell M4 Super Truck and Aoling. EV pure electric trucks, among which, Aoling M4 is a modified car cargo tool, and Ao Ling EV is an RV modified car.

This time, Beiqi Foton put forward the purpose of "Smart Internet Technology Leads a Green Future" that has the same workmanship as that of Jianghuai Automobile. "Cooperate with Cummins of the United States and Daimler, Germany, two top global partners to reduce fuel consumption by 30% (or Pure electric), carbon emission reduction of 30% (or zero emission), freight efficiency increase of 70% as the goal, truly build a green, energy efficient, safe and intelligent future connected car ecosystem.” And the Futian Internet Super Truck product line Has been extended to Omar & Ao Ling full range of products.

From the viewpoint of the power configuration of the traditional fuel oil Foton Aoling CTS, the vehicle is equipped with a Cummins ISF3.8L engine, adopts the SCR technology route for post-processing, and meets the requirements of the national five emission standards; the dual channel seal design is adopted for the body and chassis design. The four major systems and the eight core components have also been upgraded in an all-round way; with multiple intelligent security features, such as one-screen multi-display function, MP5 large-screen display, support navigation system, reversing images and other equipment, human-machine intelligence and driving In terms of comfort, more and more people tend to use cars.

Nanjing Iveco's two “beyond” high-end light trucks exhibited the highest level of lightweight design, such as ultra-lightweight aluminum car body beyond the C300 van. In addition, lightweight body aids are also used in the design of body, frame and chassis to meet the development trend of current and future domestic light truck products in line with international standards. Nanjing Iveco surpasses the C500 refrigerated truck to use Shangchai's most technologically advanced 4H engine and matches Carrier Cooler.

After the new daily light truck of Iveco was exposed in the Chinese market last year, whether it can be made domestically is also an object of concern in the industry. It is reported that "at present, there are a number of RV-remodeling plants ordering the NewDaily chassis for modification. In addition, NewDaily-based emergency communication vehicles and other special vehicles are also continuing to advance. NewDaily will become the main model for the conversion chassis of imported light commercial vehicles. ”

The new 4 x 4 drive version of the new Daily is a 3.0-liter F1C four-cylinder machine, Euro VI emission standard, MT, AMT and 8-speed ZFHi-matic automatic transmission. The new Daily's maximum load capacity of 7.2 tons and 20 cubic meters of cargo space. Daily uses the current popular two-color interior, plastic parts on both sides of the center console also uses a light blue corresponding to the body, and the same color design in the seat, even more stylish.

The display of FAW's liberation to the audience was the "liberation of the J6F" and "liberation of the Lion" pure electric refrigerated truck. The J6F with an air brake and ABS system is equipped with a diesel engine CA4DD1-15E4R with a power of 150 hp. It is equipped with a 6-speed long-toothed CA6TBX036M gearbox and uses a CAF2N front axle and a 296 rear axle.

At this year's Beijing auto show, QTc high-end light-card households that Sichuan Modern issued high-profile for the first time, originated from South Korea's high-end light truck MIGHTY, is the new high-end light truck new product that Korea Modern released at the beginning of the year – ALLNEWMIGHTY. QTc high-end light trucks This has made Chinese QTc light trucks a refreshing experience for Chinese viewers who are accustomed to Japanese light trucks. Perhaps it will be a new one in China's light truck market in the near future. "Black horse."

The Sichuan Hyundai QTc light truck on display is powered by the Futian Cummins ISF2.8L engine. It has five national emission standards and is equipped with a high level of safety equipment of the same level. Its ride comfort is comparable to that of the B-Class sedan. According to the official media of the manufacturer: QTc adopts a "composite dynamic design" with an enlarged body space utilization ratio, uses a wide-body body, optimizes the ergonomic cab and chassis suspension system, and is equipped with tubeless tires and suspension-type driving. Seat and energy-absorbing steering wheel.

High-end light truck QTc

B, new energy light truck show car
<br> <br> At the recent 2016 Beijing auto show, the major mainstream light trucks new energy automotive products business mainly in the logistics of pure electric vehicles, and in order to fully demonstrate the times New energy technology development level. However, it is regrettable that this is in addition to the controversial "pseudo-new energy vehicle" pure electric light card (because the pollution of pure electric vehicles has already occurred in the coal-fired power generation process, and the waste batteries are far from the toxic elements of soil and water It is 1000 times or even 10,000 times more toxic than haze. The poisonous decay period is calculated in hundred years and millennia. There is no real new energy vehicle for gas and hybrid power, which also reflects the R&D of some car companies that are quick to gain instant profit. With business philosophy and school.

The pure electric light trucks and other special vehicles on display at this time were: FAW Liberation Lions, which uses ternary lithium batteries, five-speed manual transmission, and permanent magnet synchronous motors. The products have high torque density and wide speed range. Speed ​​control performance and low noise characteristics. The Liberation Lions pure electric refrigerated vehicle is powered by a Sanyuan Lithium-powered battery. A battery is installed behind the rear of the bridge to provide electric power for traditional vehicles and refrigerators.

Liberation lion electric light truck <br> <br> JAC pure electric i3 micro card handsome bell and electric light truck handsome bell i5 are made of lithium iron phosphate batteries, it has a higher safety performance, longer life, environmental protection and other advantages. Shuai Ling i5 electric vehicle integrated operating range driving range greater than 150 kilometers; drive motor system uses permanent magnet synchronous motor, peak power up to 120kW, achieve the maximum speed of 90km / h, 0-50km / h acceleration time is less than 10s.

Beiqi Futian Oumac 1 Series pure electric, Aubell pure electric logistics vehicle to the user and leasing companies to show their own pure electric light truck products. Among them, Aojing EV pure electric truck is a light truck jointly developed by Futian and Samsung, LG, and Siemens. It has the characteristics of quick start-up, simple control and comfortable driving. Ao Ling EV pure electric vehicle has the lowest power consumption of 30 degrees per hundred kilometers, the maximum torque of the motor can reach 1000N.M, and the maximum speed of the vehicle can reach 90km/h. The three-cell lithium battery similar to Tesla is used.

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