·The commercial auto insurance reform pilot is officially bundled with “zero ratio”

Today, the commercial auto insurance reform pilot is officially in operation. According to the "Pilot Work Plan for the Reform of the Commercial Vehicle Insurance Clause Rate Management System" issued by the China Insurance Regulatory Commission in March this year (hereinafter referred to as the "Program"), six commercial auto insurance reform pilot areas in Heilongjiang, Shandong, Guangxi, Shaanxi, Chongqing and Qingdao are from today. Beginning to stop using the old terms. Earlier in mid-May, Liu Feng, director of the Property Insurance Supervision Department of the China Insurance Regulatory Commission, publicly stated that if the insurance company did not complete the approval of the new terms and rates before June 1, then there would be no products to sell in the pilot area after June 1.
It is understood that the commercial auto insurance reform will establish a commercial auto insurance clause management system supplemented by industry model clauses and insurance company innovation clauses. The ultimate goal is to make the risk and rate more match. Through reforms, insurance companies will have greater autonomy in product pricing, and consumers will have more choices to enjoy more favorable and fair auto insurance products.
The basic premium will be referred to the “zero ratio”
At the previous car insurance reform news briefing, the relevant person in charge said that after the auto insurance rate reform, the basic premium will not be directly determined by the car price, but the replacement price standard of the car is the zero of the vehicle. The whole ratio."
For the automotive industry, the so-called "zero ratio" is the sum of the price of the accessories of a specific model, and the ratio of the sales price of the whole vehicle. In April 2014, China Insurance Industry Association and China Automobile Maintenance Association released the two factors of “automatic parts zero ratio” and “50 items of vulnerable parts zero ratio” for 18 common models, with complete vehicle parts zero. For example, the 18 models have a maximum factor of 1273% and a minimum of 272%. That is to say, in a certain price range, the price of the same parts of different models varies greatly, and the price of the parts directly determines the level of maintenance costs.
In this auto insurance reform, after the commercial auto insurance rate is linked to the vehicle zero ratio, the zero ratio will affect the pricing of the car damage insurance. The higher the zero ratio coefficient, the higher the paying cost, and the higher the corresponding premium. Even in the case of the same new car price, vehicles with a high zero-to-round ratio factor need to pay higher maintenance costs, so the corresponding premiums should be more than the zero-to-zero ratio.
According to analysts, the “solution” has achieved refined pricing, and different risk models have different benchmark pure risk premiums, which can indirectly promote automobile manufacturers to improve vehicle safety and maintainability, and will ultimately benefit consumers. . In addition, the commercial insurance premiums for high-to-zero ratio vehicles are increasing, and the cost of vehicles after consumers purchase cars is correspondingly increased, which will affect the user's willingness to purchase. For the vehicle manufacturers, in order to increase sales, it is also necessary to zero the products. Than adjust accordingly.
Good driving habits can be "discounted"
The fewer the number of insurances, the more premiums you will enjoy in the future. This is what we all know. According to the "Proposal", the discounts given by insurance companies in the future will not only depend on the customer's risk rate in the previous year, but also the driving behavior and driving risks of the owners. That is to say, after the commercial auto insurance reform, customers with low risk and good security awareness will be able to get more benefits.
Recently, Che Bao CEO Shuai Yong said that he will establish a “risk pool” based on driving risk with the cooperative insurance company. Record the rapid acceleration, sharp turn and sudden braking of the owner in the vehicle through the OBD products installed on the vehicle. Information such as speeding, fatigue driving, etc., so that owners who have good driving behavior and low driving risk can be found to match their driving risks with pure risk premiums. It is reported that some European and American advanced insurance products regard these driving information as an important consideration for premium pricing.
Some media speculated that according to the contents of the "Program", the new commercial auto insurance clause rate management system will soon be promoted to more cities across the country, and the good driving habits of the owners will soon be "discounted."
Auto insurance products will be more personalized. After the reform, the structure of commercial auto insurance premiums will also change. Commercial auto insurance consists of three parts: “baseline premium”, “baseline additional cost” and “rate adjustment factor”. Consumers can see it. More clearly, the calculations are much simpler. Of course, the most important point is that in addition to the benchmark premiums will be priced by the China Insurance Industry Association, the other two parts are determined by the insurance company's own calculations, which is equivalent to giving the pricing power to the enterprise to a certain extent, encouraging insurance companies to develop business. Auto insurance innovative terms.
It is understood that the minimum allowable discount for commercial auto insurance is 30%. For special auto insurance for telephone and online sales, a discount of 15% is allowed on the basis of 30% off. After the implementation of the "Program", the insurance companies in the pilot areas have greater autonomy, and the discount range has also been expanded accordingly. Liu Feng made it clear at the China Auto Insurance Forum that after June 1, the insurance companies in the pilot areas did not have a 70% discount. It can be foreseen that insurance companies will continue to enrich their products in the market competition, providing consumers with diversified, personalized and differentiated commercial vehicle insurance and services. Some people cite, for example, that in the future, there may be a clause similar to "no need to pay premiums when the owner of the car does not drive in the rain." On the other hand, the difference in premium quotes between different companies may be greater, so experts remind consumers that after the implementation of the "program", insured should pay more attention to "shopping three."
There is still a major change in the "Plan", which is to delete the agreement of "the next day is effective at the time of the next day" in the insurance policy, allowing the insured to choose between "zero hour start" and "immediately effective" to avoid insurance. Coverage occurs during the vacuum period.

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