Jingjiang City took measures to promote the development of pump products

Xinqiao Town is an important industrial town in Jingjiang City and has a reputation of “Hometown of Pumps and Valves”. There are more than 200 pump product manufacturers. However, due to the serious homogeneity of products, high dispersion of the industry, and weak design and technical innovation capabilities, the product technology level is not high, and it is difficult to meet the needs of high-end customers. The market is still in a state of free competition and lacks industry leaders. In response to the above situation, the Jingjiang Market Supervision Bureau has introduced three measures to help companies emerge from their predicament and guide the healthy development of the pump and valve industry under the new economic environment.

The first is the strong foundation of training and education. Invited some pump product manufacturers to participate in the pump product quality work conference, informed the quality of pump products in 2014, emphasizing the promotion of the "Product Quality Law", "Implementation Regulations for the Production License of Industrial Products," and the "Implementation Regulations for the Production License of Pump Products" 》 Encourage companies to develop in groups, make full use of standard, measurement, and certification technologies to improve product quality and take the road to quality.

The second is to improve the "professional diagnosis." Employ quality and enterprise management experts to provide suggestions for improving the company's on-site management, inspection and inspection systems, and quality assurance system operations, and guide companies to take the road to quality and quality.

The third is to support the superior governance and promote the norms. Strengthen market supervision and take the initiative to “protect and protect the famous and famous enterprises”. For a small number of malicious competitors, those who attacked the market with illegal products must strictly investigate and punish them in order to ensure healthy and orderly competition in the industry.

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