Application of intelligent light incubator in the cultivation of macadamia nuts

Artificial cross-breeding In the process of cultivating macadamia nuts, the problems of different flowering stages or pollen in different places are often encountered. Therefore, it is very important to select the appropriate pollen storage method. In addition to its own genetic characteristics and development status, pollen vitality is closely related to the environment temperature and humidity. Through different temperature and humidity conditions, the changes in the viability of macadamia nuts were studied, their storage characteristics were understood, and suitable storage methods were sought to provide references for the cross breeding of macadamia nuts. Intelligent light incubators can artificially control relevant conditions during the research process and provide powerful environmental conditions for research.

In theory, ultra-low temperature (dry ice temperature -80e to liquid nitrogen temperature -196e) to preserve biological material is one of the best methods for the preservation of life substances, because the life metabolic activity is almost zero under this condition. In China since 1982, cryogenic preservation of apple, pear, orange, peach, plum, jujube and other fruit tree pollen has been performed, and some varieties have achieved good results. In the experiment, the ultra-low temperature preservation effect of macadamia pollen -80e was the worst, and it was basically useless after 10 days. It is believed that whether cryogenic preservation of apricot pollen depends on its water content. This experiment studied the temperature and humidity of stored pollen, did not measure its water content, and its short storage life might be excessively high pollen water content, which needs further study.

China's use of intelligent light incubator for the breeding of Australian nuts has just started, long-term preservation of pollen has important implications for the preservation of the Australian nut germplasm resources, cross breeding, introduction and yield. The best treatment in this experiment can only maintain pollen viability for 10 days, which is far from meeting production needs. Therefore, it is necessary to continue to conduct in-depth research on pollen moisture content, environmental temperature and humidity, and to find better preservation methods for pollen.

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