Ministry of Transportation Deployment: Strengthening Traffic Construction in Contiguous Areas

Recently, Li Shenglin, secretary of the party group of the Ministry of Transport, presided over a ministry party meeting to convey the spirit of the central poverty alleviation and development work conference, combined with the actual conditions of transportation, researching and implementing measures for deployment.

The meeting pointed out that we must fully understand the significance of the poverty alleviation and development work in the new era from a strategic perspective, fully understand the responsibilities and tasks of the transport sector in poverty alleviation and development work, and earnestly implement the spirit of the central government's poverty alleviation and development work conference.

The meeting pointed out that under the framework of the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan", it is imperative to carry out investigations and studies, and to organize the preparation of the outline of the plan for poverty alleviation and development of transportation in the next ten years, and to clarify the objectives, tasks, and policies and measures. Strengthen the infrastructure construction, comprehensively improve the transportation capacity of contiguous and difficult-to-access areas, strengthen the transportation links within the contiguous areas, open up the “breaking roads” in the province, improve the regional connectivity network, and basically achieve the national poverty level The above highways; Strengthen the construction of rural roads in impoverished areas, promote the equalization of basic transportation services, and integrate urban and rural transportation; accelerate the construction of water transportation in poor areas with conditions. Effectively organize and conduct the contact work for poverty alleviation in Liupan Mountain, which is the responsibility of the Ministry of Transport. Continue to do a good job in poverty alleviation by the Ministry of Transport.

It is understood that the Ministry of Transport will set up a special leading agency for transport poverty alleviation work, strengthen inter-ministerial coordination, provincial and provincial cooperation, counterpart poverty alleviation work, and establish a fixed-point contact mechanism to ensure that transport poverty alleviation work is implemented.

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