China National Heavy Duty Truck Jinan Commercial Vehicle Body Division New German Man TGA Heavy Truck Cab Workshop

The center of CNHTC Jinan Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd. has established three Pioneer projects centering on improving product quality, achieving lean management, and expanding production capacity. It has completed the adjustment and improvement of the coating process flow in exterior parts of the coating shop, and repaired the topcoat conveyor chain. The two Pioneer projects of the conveyor chain crawling problem were completed and accepted. The completion of the new product project and the completion of the new plant is under intense implementation.

The new product project is the top priority for the annual production and operation tasks of CNHTC Jinan Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd. The body department will list the newly-built workshop production project of the new product project as the 2011 Pioneer project. The body of the car body overcomes the difficulties of personnel and less tasks, based on their own duties, forge ahead, work overtime, according to the project progress, fully cooperate with the realization of the amount of production capacity. The body department has developed fully detailed implementation plans and work plans from various aspects such as equipment installation and commissioning, human resource allocation, technology, and production preparation, ensuring the smooth implementation of each node's work.

In order to ensure the smooth implementation of the new production line work, the body department has completed the staffing of the new press line and welding line according to the scale of the new production line and the personnel needs. According to the overall arrangement, it actively carried out employee training and made personnel reserves for the new production line.

The body department of CNHTC Jinan Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd. completed the management and reception of the new plant construction site, and established a new production line working team headed by the manager. During the installation of the equipment, the equipment management personnel and maintenance personnel participate in the installation process. During the supervision of the construction, they learn and communicate with the installation personnel to understand the equipment structure, performance and principle, and lay a solid foundation for the future work. At the same time, to ensure the safety of the body part of the construction of the new production line on-site construction phase of personnel access, on-site safety management requirements, and access to the construction site personnel equipped with safety helmets and other protective equipment, organize construction personnel from external construction units for the safety and fire knowledge training , ensure the project construction safety.

The engineers and technicians of the vehicle body department carried out the technical and production preparation work, formulated the implementation plan of the process, started from the study of strengthening the related technologies of the new products, and required the technical personnel to be familiar with the technical requirements and ensure that the manufactured products meet the technical quality requirements of the German Mann. Secondly, according to the technological process, the preparation of technical documents such as the stamping test records and the coordinate measuring standards was completed, and the TGA cab rubber statistics and bolt fastener specifications were used.

Fill and fill up the new facilities for stamping and welding workshops. According to the shape of the stamping parts, organize and design the necessary station equipment, and streamline the logistics between the workshop's internal logistics and stamping, storage, and welding. The stamping has now been completed. Work station equipment bidding work, at the same time for inappropriate items, timely feedback to the relevant departments to help solve. Give full play to the technical advantages of the body parts of CNHTC Jinan Commercial Vehicle Company and provide strong technical support.

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