Honghua Group successfully developed the world's strongest crane

On the 6th, at the 2014 International Petroleum, Petrochemical and Natural Gas Exhibition (OTC) in Houston, USA, China's largest rig exporter Honghua Group Co., Ltd. exhibited the world's most powerful 6000-horsepower hydraulic fracturing pump, global lifting capacity. The strongest lifting capacity of 22,000 tons of "Honghai" cranes, 1500 horsepower beyond drilling rigs and other equipment has attracted the attention of global oil and gas giants. The oil rig company based in Chengdu has fully demonstrated the manufacturing strength of Chengdu Industrial at the global exhibition gathered by international giants.
Honghua Group also announced on the 6th that it has signed a three-year strategic cooperation framework memorandum with General Electric (China) Co., Ltd. (GE), and formed a strategic partnership to jointly develop oil and gas field gas power overall solutions, and actively grasp the world A huge opportunity for conventional and unconventional energy development. Honghua Group Chairman and President Zhang Wei said that Honghua, as the world's second largest rig manufacturer, will introduce GE's efficient and reliable Waukesha gas engine, which is expected to promote the global new rig industry upgrade and lead the new direction of rig development.

Single Girder Overhead Crane with Electric Hoist is composed of girder weld by steel plate and I-steel, end girder, electric hoist and travelling mechanism. the electric hoist runs along the lower flange of the I-steel of the  girder to accomplish article hoisting. It is light structure, easy installation and maintenance, and widely used for different places like factories, warehouse and material yards. 

We have kinds of Single Beam Overhead Crane to choose from:

single beam overhead  bridge crane

Electric single beam suspension Overhead Crane , LDP low headroom single girder crane, LDE electric single girder crane with two hoists

Single Girder Overhead Crane

LX Electric Single Beam Suspension Overhead Crane is applicable in factories and warehouses where the height from the rail surface to the lower edge of the truss is equal to or shorter than 500mm.The trolley is equipped with a specific electric hoist that features flexible structure and reliable and safe operation. If clients have special requirements on the span, our company is able to carry out design and production of non-standard equipment.

single beam low headroom overhead  bridge crane

LDP model motor-driven single beam crane belongs to very low clearance light duty Lifting Equipment. Electric hoist is at on side of main girder, so can increase service space of hook and reduce the cost. With advantages of big trolley tread, smooth traveling, light structure, strong rigidity, delicate operation, low  noise, safety and reliability and beautiful exterior, it is widely used in the situation that clearance height of workshop is low.

Low head room overhead crane

LDE electric single girder crane is developed on the base of LD single beam crane, on its single beam suspending two electric hoists. These two sets of hoist can not only be single action and also linked action, this product can lift long work  pieces in workshops, warehouses and other work sites, apply to electroplating, cement pipe and steel base etc.

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Single Girder Overhead Crane

Single Girder Overhead Crane

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