128 Gold Prince Waterwheels Enter Xinjiang Construction Corps

Recently, China National Heavy Duty Truck Jinan Commercial Vehicle Sales Department Lubei Branch has jointly participated in the National Drought Relief Project and successfully won the bid for 128 gold prince water trucks. The vehicles were distributed in northern Xinjiang, southern Xinjiang, and eastern Xinjiang. Area.

Golden Prince Waterwheel
Golden Prince Waterwheel

The batch of gold prince water tankers used the German MAN L2000 cab and the mature chassis technology of China National Heavy Duty Truck. The cab has a steel frame structure, high strength, compact structure, short front suspension, good passability, standard four-point suspension structure cab suspension, safe and reliable; the engine is China National Heavy Duty Truck four engines, strong power, energy saving and environmental protection; The vehicle is safe and comfortable, with high reliability and high cost performance.

In order to ensure the after-sales service of the vehicles, Jinan Commercial Vehicle Sales Department Lubei and Xinjiang Branch invited service engineers such as engine, transmission, electric appliance, and chassis to carry out 13 service stations in Sanjiang in Urumqi on April 23. Two days of closed training; and on the 25th, they rushed to the scene of the handover ceremony of the Bingtuan to explain and guide the main responsible persons and drivers of the four divisions of the Corps. On the 26th, the service engineer took a shower. The vehicle carried out detailed inspections and conducted deeper service training on the Yining service station.

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The height of loading and unloading operation platform is fixed, but the height of carriage is different between the carriage and the loading and unloading platform. 

As a result, forklifts are not able to enter and leave the transport vehicles directly loading and unloading goods. Use the boarding bridge to provide reliable connection. Enable the forklift truck to enter and leave the transport vehicles safely and quickly for loading and unloading operations.

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