Export zero-tariff Chinese LED companies enter the Thai market

A "Thailand" detonated Thailand's tourism industry, and Chinese tourists flocked to appreciate the unique charm of Thailand. For Chinese LED companies, the charm of Thailand is not limited to this. Zero tariffs on lighting products are a great news for Chinese lighting companies that are frequently frustrated in the European and American markets. Chinese companies can enjoy zero tariffs when they export to Thailand as long as they obtain Chinese domestic certificate of origin and Thai certification system certification. The price of the product in Thailand is 2-3 times that of the domestic market.
Although Thai companies have created a relatively easy investment environment for China, all of this looks beautiful. How do Chinese lighting companies carry out system certification in Thailand? What is the certification standard? Thailand LED market status and future trends? What are the issues that need to be paid attention to invest in the Thai LED market? The Thailand International Semiconductor Lighting Forum (SSLThailand), which will be held concurrently with LEDExpoThailand, will give you new inspiration. The forum will be held in Bangkok, Thailand from May 22nd to 23rd.
The Thailand International Semiconductor Lighting Forum (SSLThailand) will serve as a link between China and Thailand lighting companies to further promote the exchange of lighting energy-saving industries in the two countries and to provide direction for Chinese lighting companies investing in Thailand.

Combined Roller Bearing, which is combined of shaft head, two different directions main rollers and side roller.  It can reduce the production cost and space. 

Especially designing a good sealing performance, loading bearing capacity, easy to remove and install the non bearing.

Our combined roller bearing are exported to Turkey, Indonesia, Parkistan and Europeand other countries and regions and earn good feedback from them.

Features :  1.Stable shape

                2.Excellent steel material 

                3.Heat treatment process

Combined Roller Bearing

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