Which problems should be paid attention to during the use of drilling machines?

Use caution when using:

1. Use bench drilling machine, strictly prohibited gloves,

2. It is strictly forbidden to put a cotton yarn head on the worktable (to prevent the drilling machine from hurting while working).

3. The correct use of tools, especially when installing and unloading the drill, must use a special key and cannot use a hand hammer to beat (to prevent the central axis from being deformed)

4. Power outages after the end of each day's work, cleaning and using rags.

5, to adjust the speed of the drilling machine, stroke, clamping tools and workpieces, as well as polishing drill to stop.

6. After the drilling machine is started, it is not allowed to touch the moving parts, tools and transmission parts. It is forbidden to transfer or take tools and other items across the rotating part of the machine.

7. When the drill bit is wound around the long crumbs, it is necessary to stop and remove it. It is forbidden to use the mouth blow and hand pull, and you should use a brush or iron hook to remove it.

8. When two or more persons are working on the same machine tool, one person must be responsible for safety and unified command to prevent accidents.

9. If abnormal conditions are found, stop immediately and ask relevant personnel to check.

10. When drilling machine is in operation, it is not allowed to leave the job. For the reason, it must stop and cut off the power when leaving.

11. After the work is completed, close the machine's main gate, wipe the machine, and clean the work place.

12, before use to check whether the drilling machine parts are normal

Working Principle

Chenwei Series Vibration Polishing Machine has a ring chamber to hold media (abrasive stones) and work pieces.When the machine start working,it makes three-D high frequency vibration.This motion makes the media work on surface of work pieces upward &downward;leftward and rightward;frontward and backward.The process is similar to handwork of surface polishing.

The grinding stones are rolling forward and they are grinding each other during .this makes the work pieces ,polished and clean.

To replace the traditional cloth-wheel polishing, the Vibratory Finishing Machine for Metal Working can save a lot of spending on manpower, and lower the cost of production. It can also be matched up with mass production, improve and stabilize the quality of the products.

The machine structure

Vibratory Polish machine is composed of inertial vibrator, vessel, electrical cabinet and basement.

Inertial vibrator: This is the vibrating source of the machine, it is composed Of vibratory motor, springs and eccentric blocks.

Vessel: The vessel is welded of annular steel plate. It is lined with high quality wearable Polyurethane, to weaken the noise and the bump of workpieces on vessel. (For CWP series, there is a separator on the vessel to seperate the workpieces from the stones. )

Electrical cabinet: Operate the machine by buttons on the control panel.

Basement: It is weld of steel, and it has springs to hold the vessel

Car wheel Polishing Machine

Polishing Machine

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