How can you operate the digital hydraulic pressure tester?

The digital hydraulic pressure testing machine is widely used in various industries as a measuring device. In order to ensure the accuracy of the pressure testing machine's measurement results, in addition to the correct installation steps and suitable installation environment, the correct operation steps are not necessary. Less. In order to allow our customers to better use our products, the following describes the correct operation steps of the digital hydraulic pressure testing machine:

1. Turn on the power switch; then place the sample on the lower pressure plate, push the lower pressure plate into the pressure tester, and align the center;

2, according to the required measurement range of the sample, hang on the pendulum or remove the corresponding, and the alignment line on the buffer valve handle alignment line; in the description of the cylinder drum rolled up on the recording paper, this Items need only be performed at the same time;

3, start the pump, unscrew the delivery valve, so that the wheels of the lower platen left the track about 10mm; will adjust the active needle and passive needle to zero; close the delivery valve;

4, start the beam motor, so that the upper platen down to about 10mm from the sample, and then turn the handwheel on the beam, so that the upper platen and the sample surface contact; according to the test requirements, speed, slowly open the delivery valve Loading test; after the sample is crushed, close the delivery valve, and stop the pump motor, record the required load value, and lift the drawing pen; at this time unscrew the return valve, lower the lower plate, remove the pressure Broken sample; repeat the above steps to complete other test samples;

5. After the final test piece is finished, remove the debris, clean the pressure tester, and restore the original sample; after each test, register in the use record book.

In order to ensure the accuracy of the measurement results, I hope everyone can follow the above steps when using the pressure tester. If you have any questions in the process of operating the digital hydraulic pressure testing machine, please feel free to contact us or feedback. We are very happy to serve you.

For details, please consult the sales engineer of Jinan Zhongchuang Industrial Test System Co., Ltd.



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