Bakker Sliedrecht completes a dredger electrical...

Dutch electrical equipment supplier Bakker Sliedrecht has recently completed the electrical installation of Inai Kenanga, a suction dredger (ship type shipyard). The ship is the largest and the world's third largest suction dredger in Malaysia.

        The cabin has a capacity of 33,335 cubic meters, with a propeller (purchased by the product library) to drive the dual diesel engine (purchased by the product library), a new generation of suction pump system, two MAN 12V48/60B mainframes (purchased by the product library), each The rated power is 13250KW, the speed is 17 knots, and the dredging depth is 45 meters. It was built at Sdn Bhd Shipyard (SMSCSB), a subsidiary of the Marine Industry Group of Malacca, Malaysia. Bakker Sliedrecht is responsible for the installation of the ship's electrical main equipment, including the dredging automation (product library purchase supply) system.

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