The development of garbage trucks

Garbage trucks are indispensable sanitation vehicles in modern cities. However, the actual use of garbage trucks in China is less than 30 years. The origin of garbage trucks has to start with Europe in the 1920s and 1930s. In this issue, we will try to use the history of European garbage trucks as a window to see the future development trend of garbage trucks in China.
The development history of garbage trucks in Europe and America
The earliest garbage truck appeared before the invention of the car. It was the carriage plus a collection box. After the car appeared, this garbage truck was gradually replaced by an open garbage truck. Open garbage trucks are prone to spillage, and they are uncontrollable for bad odors and dust. In the summer, they have become frequent sites for rats and flies.

Covered garbage truck

As a result, open garbage trucks were quickly eliminated and replaced by European garbage trucks. This garbage truck consists of a watertight tank and a weight dumping mechanism. However, loading garbage is still a laborious task. People need to lift the trash to the shoulder-high position. At the time, the method of disposal of garbage was mainly incineration. In the 1930s, covered garbage trucks were common in the United States.

External funnel garbage truck

Covered garbage trucks, while making up for the lack of open garbage trucks, require a lot of human labor. As a result, an external hopper garbage truck was born. Two models emerged later, namely Hale-Kenlet and Ken Wright-Punk. Their hoppers for loading garbage are set at the rear of the truck, which makes loading and unloading of garbage more convenient and faster. Kenlett-Punk had a compacting mechanism in front of the bottom of the box, which was later adopted by the front loading and unloading garbage truck. Although the external hopper type garbage truck has obvious price advantage compared with the rear compression type garbage truck, the disadvantages are also quite prominent. For example, the trash of the garbage truck flies everywhere, the loading and unloading of garbage is too long, and it is impossible to load huge amounts of garbage. Garbage and so on.

Rotary garbage truck

Later, the Germans invented a new type of garbage truck - a rotary garbage truck. This garbage truck has a screw mechanism, similar to a cement mixer. With this device, larger trash, such as televisions or furniture, can also be crushed. And can concentrate the garbage to the front of the box. However, this garbage truck has not been successful in the United States. Coming after the compression garbage truck. This garbage truck was invented by Wood in 1938. The rear compression garbage truck combines the advantages of an external hopper type garbage truck. A hydraulic cylinder is used to drive the garbage tray, so that the ability to compress garbage is stronger and the carrying capacity of the garbage truck is greater. In the United States, Detroit may be the first city to use it. Before the late 1950s and the 1960s, such garbage trucks played an important role in the collection of commercial and industrial waste.

After compression type garbage truck

In addition, there was a popular garbage truck at the time - side loading and unloading garbage trucks. This garbage truck was built by Parker Moore in the early 1947. It consists of a durable cylindrical waste collection unit. Garbage was thrown into the opening on one side of the cabinet. A hydraulic cylinder or pressure plate will push the garbage behind the box. Once enriched, hydraulic rams or pressure plates act as ejectors, allowing the garbage to be thrown horizontally (another innovation in this industry). This type of garbage truck cannot handle huge amounts of garbage, but it greatly saves manpower.

Automatic front dump truck

In the mid-1950s, the Dempster truck company invented the front loading and unloading garbage truck, which was the most advanced garbage truck at the time. The front loading and unloading garbage truck has a robotic arm that can pick up or drop the container, which greatly reduces human labor. This garbage truck can carry a capacity of 35-40 cubic meters and it is easy to deal with commercial waste.

The history of garbage trucks in our country

China's first garbage truck

Compared with the history of foreign garbage trucks, the development history of garbage trucks in China is rather poor. The first real garbage truck in China was produced in the 1980s and 1990s. It was extremely simple in appearance, somewhat similar to a tricycle. There was a piece of glass in front of the car, which could play a role in blocking wind and rain. The chassis uses the Shanghai 581 three-wheel chassis with a carrying capacity of less than 3 tons. The loading and unloading of rubbish depends on human labor.

The first generation of garbage trucks in China is a hanging bucket type garbage truck. Such garbage trucks need to rely on the ladder lift system to load the garbage, and they need an associated trash can to use. Such garbage trucks consume too much energy due to the collection and transportation of garbage and are likely to cause secondary pollution, and the associated trash cans are easily destroyed and then gradually abandoned.

With the continuous upgrading of garbage truck products, China has more and more types of garbage trucks, and its technical level is more and more advanced. And there have been some well-known garbage truck manufacturers, such as Zoomlion, Suzhou Yueda, Beijing Hualin, Fujian Longma, and Hubei Shenhe.

Zoomlion Compression Garbage Truck

Zoomlion's garbage truck products are mainly compressed cars, using bi-directional compression technology, hydraulic and electrical core components. The operation is efficient and the noise is low. The appearance is also quite concise. In addition to China United, Beijing Hualin's garbage truck is also very good. The compressed garbage truck produced by it has a strong ability to handle large objects and has gained favor in the market.

Fujian Longma modified compression garbage truck

Fujian Longma has a wide range of garbage trucks. There are compressed garbage trucks, restaurant garbage trucks, barrel garbage trucks, detachable garbage trucks, garbage compression station equipment, etc. The Longyan area will have no human beings. The spirit of "I'm fine" really falls into place.

Mechanization and automation into the development trend of garbage trucks

Hubei Shenhe Garbage Truck

Looking at the development history of domestic garbage trucks, although there has been great progress in technology, it is still quite inadequate in saving human labor. Foreign pre-dumping and side loading and unloading garbage trucks have a high level of mechanization and automation. Sanitation workers need only toggle the lever in the cab to complete the loading, unloading, and transportation of garbage. At present, China's garbage trucks are still unable to implement such technologies, and most of the garbage trucks need to be manually handled. From the perspective of the development history of foreign garbage trucks and the current development status of domestic garbage trucks, mechanization and automation will be a development direction of China's garbage trucks in the future.

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