Explosion-proof car related knowledge quiz

First, how to enter the family of explosion-proof cars?

Blasting equipment transport vehicles are special vehicles for transporting explosives. They belong to dangerous goods transport vehicles and must be purchased by qualified units for transport of dangerous goods. Individuals who purchase such vehicles must purchase it in the name of a unit that has the qualification for transporting dangerous goods. Otherwise, they will not be able to apply for road transportation qualifications and operate.

Second, what procedures do you need to prepare for an explosion-proof vehicle license?

1. Based on the state's strict management system for dangerous goods transport vehicles, there are new requirements for vehicle management agencies (such as Yunnan and Anhui) in some provinces/cities/regions. Users who intend to purchase cars must meet the requirements before buying a car. The vehicle model certificate of the model will be reported by the local vehicle management agency. Before you can buy a car.

2. The purchased vehicle must meet the requirements of the above household standards: Country 4 (Euro 4) exhaust, disc brake, ABS anti-lock device.

3. Purchasing vehicle insurance, according to the provisions of the relevant national policies, the new vehicle must first apply for motor vehicle insurance before completing the household registration formalities.

4. To apply for additional tax on vehicle purchases and to pay additional tax on vehicle purchases, the following materials should be prepared:

4.1 Unit organization code certificate (photocopy), enterprise with dangerous goods transportation qualification

4.2 Unified Sales of Motor Vehicles for the Third Original (Tax Registration)

4.3 Vehicle Purchase Tax Return (Requires official seal of the company)

4.4 Vehicle Certificate (copy)

5. Detection of blasting equipment transport vehicle: Materials required for testing of blasting equipment transport vehicle: original certificate of blasting equipment transport vehicle

6. Blasting equipment transporter registration materials:

6.1 Motor Vehicle Registration Form

6.2 engine and rack number

6.3 Traffic Insurance Third Link

6.4 Original Certificate of Blasting Equipment Transporter

6.5 Vehicle Certificate (copy)

6.6 A copy of the tax payment certificate for the purchase of the blasting equipment transporter

6.7 "Mechanical Vehicle Test Certificate" or "Exemption Checklist"

6.8 A copy of the code certificate for the organization's organization, the original inspection.

Third, for the fireworks and firecrackers transport permit what procedures?

Answer: 1. The carrier's qualification certificate for the transportation of dangerous goods; 2. The driver's and escort's eligibility for the transportation of dangerous goods; 3. Road transportation certificate for dangerous goods transport vehicles; 4. The shipper is engaged in the certification of the production and operation of fireworks and firecrackers; 5. Purchase and sales contracts for fireworks and firecrackers, types, specifications and quantities of fireworks; 6. Fireworks and firecrackers product quality and packaging certification; 7. Transport vehicle number, transit time, starting point, driving route, stop point.

Fourth, fireworks and special fire trucks approved by the public security it?

A: Fireworks and firecrackers are special transport vehicles belonging to dangerous goods transport vehicles. According to the law, special-purpose vehicle drivers must pass professional training. After passing the test, they will be issued relevant documents issued by the Ministry of Public Security and the Ministry of Communications to be allowed to drive on the road. Vehicles must also be approved by the public security department and traffic management department before they can be put into operation.

5. Can explosion-proof cars be blue?

A: Yes, as long as the following requirements are met: The total vehicle size of the blue-licensed vehicle cannot exceed 6 meters, the rated load quality cannot exceed 1.5 tons, and the overall quality cannot exceed 4.5 tons.

Sixth, 1 ton of explosion-proof vehicles need to go to the road what procedures?

A: The relevant provisions of the dangerous goods explosion-proof transport vehicle on the household: All dangerous goods explosion-proof transport vehicles must be equipped with ABS, smoke alarm, wire tires, vehicle qualified manuals, fuel announcements, car announcements and qualified affiliated companies .

Seven, how to handle fireworks and explosion-proof car transport documents?

Answer: Fireworks and bamboo explosion-proof vehicles belong to dangerous goods transport vehicles. They must be affiliated with dangerous goods transport companies, handle road transport permits for dangerous goods, and those who drive should handle dangerous goods qualification certificates and escort transport permits.

8. What kind of driver's license is required to drive an explosion-proof vehicle?

A: You need to take a picture of b. You do not need a qualification certificate.

Nine, explosion-proof car basic device which?

A: The explosion-proof car consists of a car body, a smoke alarm, a burglar alarm, an engine, and a safety sign.

X. What items can be transported by explosion-proof vehicles?

Answer: Explosion-proof vehicles can be transported: explosives, detonators, fireworks, black powders, compressed black powder, electric detonators, blasting explosives, lighting fuses, special pyrotechnic products and other dangerous goods.

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