·The Ministry of Finance will support 4 rubber industry industrial cleaner production

Recently, the Department of Economic Construction of the Ministry of Finance publicized the 2014 industrial clean production project. Among them, there are four projects in the rubber industry, belonging to four enterprises.
According to the public list, these four projects are: China Sinochem Corporation (Anhui Shengao Chemical Technology Co., Ltd.) with an annual output of 15,000 tons of high-end rubber antioxidant 4020 and 25,000 tons of RT-plated clean production project; De Ruibao tires limited The company's low-temperature one-time rubber compounding technology industrialization application construction project; Qingdao Double Star Tire Industry Co., Ltd. environmental protection relocation transformation and upgrading green tire intelligent demonstration base - high-performance meridian passenger car tire cleaning production demonstration project; Qingdao Geruida Rubber Co., Ltd. High-performance green tire special glue cleaning production demonstration project.
It is understood that the central government's clean production special funds will be subsidized according to a certain proportion of the project investment. In addition, for the application of demonstration technology for financial support, the state has a buyout priority when the demonstration is successful and the industry is promoted. The owner of the intellectual property shall give priority to the promotion method of transferring the right to use to the country; when there is no national buyout condition or the state waives the priority, other transfer methods may be adopted for promotion and application.

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