Power Battles challenge intensified challenge Tesla

In addition to Renault-Nissan and Volkswagen, at least two car makers are now planning to challenge Tesla to launch the first affordable pure electric car with a range of more than 200 miles (322 km) Enterprises are GM and Ford respectively. The next generation of electric vehicles from these car makers is expected to enter the market in the next two to three years.

Patients with "mileage anxiety" in electric cars may be able to relax. Currently, electric vehicle battery is undergoing a breakthrough, more and more car companies compete to "release notice", the next generation of electric vehicles driving range will be substantially increased. Recently, the Renault-Nissan Alliance announced that it plans to raise the mileage of its pure electric vehicles by more than 400 kilometers by 2020 to twice its current level. By improving the battery materials and design, Nissan Leaf wind will be able to store up to 2 times the original, and the cost is almost flat with the current.

Due to higher costs and shorter driving range, the sales of pure electric vehicles have been unsatisfactory. With the battery technology usher in a breakthrough in the cost remains the same conditions substantially improve the driving range, the future of pure electric vehicles is expected to be vigorously popularized. In the process, battery suppliers for electric vehicles will play a key role. LG Chem, South Korea's lithium battery supplier, has been in the limelight for no apparent reason. The company said a breakthrough in battery materials, design and chemistry will lead to new batteries with higher energy density and longer driving range. At present, LG Chem almost "contracted" the battery supply of most mainstream automotive brands in the world.

The future of the public with a unified battery unit

Recently, the Volkswagen Group announced that it will be announced before July this year, its pure electric vehicle battery options. In the future, the large group of electric vehicles is expected to adopt a single lithium battery cell. It is reported that the public is developing the next generation of lithium-ion battery cell technology, energy density can reach 5 times the current battery. This will make the Volkswagen electric vehicle battery pack smaller, and driving range is even greater.

Norsa, director of research and development at Volkswagen, said yesterday that Volkswagen all electrified vehicles may turn to a single lithium-ion battery cell in the future. "Now that we've clearly realized that universal batteries should be used, this means that each of Volkswagen's models will have a single battery cell for each brand, and only in this way will synergies be achieved," he said. Volkswagen plans to reduce battery costs by 66% by using a single battery cell.

At present, Volkswagen's electric vehicles using a variety of types, many brands of lithium battery cells. For example, e-Golf, Golf GTE plug-in hybrids and the Panasonic A3 are using Panasonic batteries, while the upcoming Passat GTE and other Audi electric vehicles are powered by Samsung.

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