Accuracy evaluation of GPS area measuring instrument

GPS positioning technology has been continuously developed and the application field is constantly expanding. Therefore, when selecting a GPS receiver, the use department should select the ideal GPS receiver according to their own needs on the basis of understanding the performance and functions of various products. In agricultural production, area measurement is necessary. For this reason, it is necessary to pay attention to selecting a GPS area measuring instrument.

Hand-held CPS has the advantages of light weight, easy to carry and simple operation. It is currently used in a large number of forestry production practices, such as forest fire prevention, aerial afforestation, sample plot location in continuous inventory of forest resources, real-time measurement of forest land area, and land boundary demarcation. The protection and management of trees and trees, aviation forest protection, pest control, and desertification monitoring. However, as far as the current status of GPS area measuring instruments used in forestry is concerned, it still remains in the field of learning to use, and at the rough positioning stage, many forestry science and technology workers rarely pay attention to its positioning accuracy problem. This phenomenon is related to the modernization of construction. The development trend of digital forestry “calling” and “precise forestry” cannot be adapted, and some forestry units purchased GPS without measurement function (abbreviated as “non-accredited GPS”) when purchasing GpS, thus affecting work efficiency. Therefore, This study takes the SP24 handheld GPS as an example to discuss the method of measuring the area without GPS, and evaluates its accuracy to provide reference for the application of this type of GPS in forestry production.

In the forestry production, when the area is measured by a non-accredited GPS area measuring instrument, the work flow of the area is determined by repeated observation, coordinate conversion, and analytic method, and the function of measuring the area of ​​the hand-held GPS without measurement product can be compensated and the area accuracy can be basically satisfied. Claim. Using the measurement results of the total station as a control, the GPS area measurement accuracy evaluation method can be used as one of the methods for measuring the accuracy of the GPS measurement area in production.

The GPS area measuring instrument is affected by atmospheric factors, observation conditions and other factors due to GPS signals. As far as possible, a flat and open place is selected as an observation point to ensure the condition of receiving four GPS satellite signals at the same time. Handheld GPS has the advantages of convenient portability, simple operation, and accurate positioning. It has a wide range of uses in forestry resources inspection, acceptance of returning farmland to forests, and natural forest protection projects. It is recommended that forestry workers overcome the sometimes “rough positioning” ideology. The concept of positioning accuracy has always been established so that forestry planning, construction and management will be developed towards quantitative and precise forces.

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