Large air compressor equipment installation

Large air compressor equipment installation Shao Zhenshan Huang Lizhen Zhang Qingli Tianjin Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. rolling mill double bar, 3, 381 abstract introduction of the Tiangang East shift project air compressor station 4 imports 810, the basic situation of the 3 type centrifugal air compressor . The installation points of each component of the air compressor installation preparation are discussed in detail. After installation and commissioning in accordance with strict procedures, the equipment was put into operation for nearly two years. The equipment is in stable condition. Provide a strong guarantee for the construction of subsequent projects.

1 Introduction The Tiangang East-shift project air compressor station is mainly responsible for providing general air and clean air to the compressed air user points such as the continuous double-bar project and the 3500 plate project slab continuous casting project and sintering continuous construction project. The air compressor station is equipped with 5 centrifugal air compressors, 5 air filters, 3 micro-heat regenerative compressed air dryers, 3 de-oil filters, 3 dust filters, two gas storage tanks, 1 scale meter, 1 set of cooling. Water system 1 set of central control system and 1 set of 101 electric single girder bridge crane. Centrifugal air compressor has a gas supply capacity of 20, the maximum supply pressure is 0.85, and the micro-heat regenerative compressed air dryer has a processing capacity of 1701 and a maximum supply pressure of 0.9. Each filter has a processing capacity of 180m3min. The gas supply pressure is 0.9MPa. Each gas storage tank is 20, and the maximum gas supply pressure is 0.9. Among them, the centrifugal air compressor and the air filter are installed according to the actual situation, and the other sets are installed according to the actual situation. Is it equipped?

2 Air compressor basic situation Centrifugal air compressor and central control system equipment including centrifugal air compressor main engine base lubrication system instrument system random control system after cooler vent valve silencer and auxiliary equipment. Among them, the air compressor flow rate is 200, and any 1 exhaust pressure is 0.853. The main motor power supply 10 makes 3150 306.

The air compressor mainly includes the stage compressor head assembly; the horizontal split gear box; the stainless steel impeller; the two pinion rotor shafts and the large gear shaft assembly; the high speed and low speed bearing bearings are all tiltable Block type; 5-lobed thrust sliding bearing, with radial axial two-way thrust action, horizontal split type; large gear bearing is horizontal split shaft sleeve sliding bearing; shaft seal is horizontal split shaft sleeve sliding bearing .

The air compressor operation control mode is automatic dual mode control. When the compressor discharge pressure reaches the designed exhaust pressure, the intake valve vane throttles the intake air to reduce the motor power to the minimum current set point. If the system pressurizing compressor discharge pressure continues to increase, the unloading valve will open to maintain the set exhaust pressure. If the opening degree of the unloading valve exceeds the set opening degree and exceeds the set time, the unloading is fully opened, the inlet valve guide vanes are closed, and the air compressor is unloaded. When the compressor is running in the unloaded state until the system pressure is lower than the low pressure set point, the compressor will be reloaded and a new wheel duty cycle will begin.

3 Installation work of air compressor 3.1 Preparation before installation The preparation of the equipment foundation and adjustment pad before installation is very important, which are introduced below.

3.1.1 Equipment basic air compressor Single set of equipment total weight 26, of which the compressor unit weight 16 motor single weight 5.71 need to accurately adjust the positioning of the pipeline electrical and position, therefore, strictly before the installation, please refer to the manufacturer's installation Need to have special knowledge and skills. The environmental conditions at the installation site are also very important, especially for the equipment base.

3.1.2 Equipment Basic The main function ensures that the air compressor is correctly centered under all operating conditions.

Carry all equipment weights and loads and evenly distribute it to the foundation or main support frame.

Keep all device positioning.

Make sure that the vibration of the device itself is minimal.

3.1.3 Qualified foundations should be met. The basic design should consider the equipment dimensions, installation location, equipment weight, main pipelines and other necessary information, etc., to meet the operational inspection and maintenance requirements of all equipment components and other accessories. Block natural rock or whole solid foundation.

The ambient temperature of the foundation is even and stable. Otherwise, bending deformation will occur due to uneven temperature.

The foundation is isolated from other structures to avoid external vibration transmission.

The base structure should avoid the resonant frequency of the compressor drive speed.

The foundation should be cured for more than 28 days before installation, so that the concrete strengthens the strength and reduces the shrinkage.

3.1.4 Adjusting the pad The adjusting pad is made of carbon steel. Both the upper and lower sides need to be machined, and all the holes are chamfered. Adjusting the pad to support the alignment when the device is installed, the structure 1. The size of the pad should exceed the device angle size 381 or more, the thickness of the pad is 20, the wind is convenient for installation and adjustment, and each adjustment pad is equipped with Adjustment bolts. Before installation, the pad surface should be thoroughly cleaned to remove all impurities and oil.

3.2 Before the initial adjustment of the compressor and the adjustment of the grouting pad, the concrete in the corresponding area on the foundation should be cut 12mm thick, and the position of the pad should be adjusted by bolts. The distance between the pad and the concrete should not exceed 10, and the claw will be the compressor. Placed on the adjustment pad, the upper position of the block pad is adjusted to within a few hundredths of a millimeter, which will provide good conditions for subsequent device gasket adjustment. After the cold adjustment of the equipment is completed, the initial grouting can be carried out, and the grout is selected from epoxy resin.

3.2.1 The purpose of grouting fills the gap between all the base surfaces and the bottom surface of the mat.

Permanently bond the backing plate and foundation.

Fixation of equipment ground bolts.

Provide a solid foundation for the device to prevent vertical movement of the device.

The mat and concrete foundation are united.

3.2.2 Grouting steps Use wooden strips to make fences in the grouting area of ​​the mat. The height of the fence exceeds the mat to a minimum of 25.4 to clean the base surface to ensure that the surface is free of oil and impurities.

Adjust the height of the pad to ensure that the adjustment bolts are in close contact with the concrete foundation.

The corner anchor is in place.

Start grouting. Usually, continuous casting is started from the side of the backing plate, and the air is completely discharged from the slurry during the grouting process. Check that the slurry does not leak from the fence.

When the slurry is fully cured, the fence is removed. Usually this takes time in the evening and winter requires longer. 2.

When adjusting the grout at the grout, the final installation adjustment of the compressor itself can be considered. First, thoroughly clean the pad surface and place the device corner on the adjustment pad. Each pad is adjusted with a 3mm thick spacer set, all the corner bolts are tightened, and the level of the compressor is adjusted by the 5 shims. Immediately after the adjustment is completed, the final grout is performed. The grouting procedure is the same as the grouting of the mat, and the height of the fence should be at least 6.

3.4 Motor Installation The installation of the motor requires some components, including the installation of the base gasket warning plate conduit. The motor shaft and compressor shaft clearance and the parallelism of the gear coupling are very important.

3.4.1 Motor Installation Steps Both sides of the base should be chamfered to allow adjustment on both sides. The base should be in contact with the motor in the largest area, and the ground angle of the motor should be fastened with 3 gaskets.

Place the motor base assembly on the adjustment pad.

Correct the motor shaft center according to the air compressor manual. The motor shaft center line is required to adjust the parallelism of the coupling end face on the compressor center line 0.038. The inner diameter micrometer is used to measure a point in the 90 direction, and the error requirement is within 0.025.

The base is welded weekly.

Final adjustment, tighten the corner bolts to install the coupling.

Install a warning sign on the motor junction box.

According to the wiring, the terminal terminal is connected to the on-board instrument. 3.5 Intake and exhaust line Installation Air compressor All the intake and exhaust lines must be properly adjusted and tightened during the installation process to avoid stress due to the pipeline. The deformation is transmitted to the compressor body. The compressor body cannot be used as a bracket to avoid excessive vibration of the compressor due to the weight and thermal deformation of the pipeline. The bolt holes of the flange on the pipeline must be accurately aligned, eliminating the torque generated by the bolts and the ridges correcting the deviation. The flange end faces must be parallelized with the parallelism of the end faces of the couplings. 3. According to actual needs, the expansion of the pipelines is appropriately increased. Sections can reduce noise turbulence and vibration, and expansion joints should be fastened with studs. Thoroughly clean the pipe before installation, remove all the parts to be removed, and keep the pipes as clean as possible.

3.5.1 The requirements for installation of the intake line are very high. The intake filter should be built on a platform 2m high above the ground. 5 Ensure that the intake air is clean and dry. The lower the intake air temperature, the better. The filter installation position is away from the heating equipment. When the intake air temperature exceeds the maximum allowable value, it will have a negative impact on the performance of the compressor. The minimum diameter of the intake pipe is slightly larger than the interface size of the compressor, ensuring sufficient intake air, and a smooth transition between the two diameters to avoid turbulence caused by a large pressure drop. For the snorkel, the vacancy is 0.007, the snorkel is as short as possible, and the elbows and joints are used as little as possible. Guide vanes or disc valves are provided on the intake line to accommodate different control modes.

3.5.2 Exhaust lines are used to vent compressed air to the atmosphere. The piping arrangement is much more complicated than the intake line because the compressed air is high pressure and high temperature. The standard discharge line is provided with an aftercooler dehumidifier, a one-way discharge valve, a bypass unloading valve, a gas tank silencer expansion joint flange gasket and a bracket. The exhaust line is completely isolated from other equipment. 5 The gas tank acts to cushion the pressure shock. The maximum temperature of the exhaust gas can be close to 204. The post-cooler is required to reduce the gas temperature to 32,401. To avoid the deformation of the pipeline affecting the position of the compressor outlet flange, the conduit bolt and bracket should be used for the installation of the exhaust pipe. Fasten. The horizontal exhaust line should have a constant slope to allow condensate to leave the compressor.

4 Commissioning of the air compressor After the installation of the air compressor equipment is completed, the commissioning operation is carried out. First of all, it is necessary to confirm all the installation equipment, including the compressor motor coupling alignment, the alignment is completed; the air intake filter dryer filter storage tank is installed; the air compressor inlet and exhaust pipes are installed in place. The inlet and outlet expansion joints are installed horizontally, and the deformation of the intake pipe to the air compressor stage back plate meets the requirements; the intake valve exhaust unloading valve is installed; all the gas water pipes are flushed, and the intake pipe expansion joint is finished. The commissioning personnel check the qualified; the high-voltage cabinet low-voltage cabinet is well equipped, the high-voltage and low-voltage electricity are all in place. The double bar 22 electrical room is only designed with two high-voltage electricity; the sealing gas for starting is ready; the air compressor is filled with lubricating oil; And the exhaust muffler is installed in place; the main motor start-stop pulse signal output from the low-voltage cabinet is connected with the high-voltage cabinet, and the feedback signal of the high-voltage cabinet is connected to the low-voltage cabinet; the cooling water system is commissioned to this point, and the air compressor station system has the compressor single-unit test condition.

During the test run, the parameters such as the pressure and temperature of the high-speed shaft low-speed shaft cooling water of the air compressor body and the inlet flow surge pressure surge were evaluated. 1 is the commissioning operation data of the air compressor.

By comparing the indicators to be fully qualified, the single machine debugging is completed. After the four air compressors are all monotonous, the joint operation is carried out.

Air compressor model 1 starting current 354.9 commissioning time 2005.6.22 time low speed shaft vibration um high speed shaft vibration um motor current A stator temperature 1 exhaust pressure MPa cooling water temperature, alarm value 5 conclusion Tiangang period engineering air compressor station continuous operation In the past two years, the equipment was in stable condition and the performance was good. Shao Zhenshan was born for the smooth production of the bar and plate project. Male, graduated from the Metallurgical Branch of Tianjin University in 1981. The engineer is currently the chief operating officer of the bar machine repairing operation area of ​​the rolling mill of Tianjin Iron and Steel Company.

Out of the guarantee.

Received 200716 to compile Cui Jianhua, mechanical and electrical equipment and

The QNP Steam Turbines` capacity mainly covers 200MW and below, include NI series (Normal Impulse Turbines) and HE series (High Efficiency Turbines). Our steam turbines are flexible and diverse in structure and layout so as to meet various requirement of our users. Aiming at the global leading equipment manufacturing enterprise, our design and R&D standards are higher than GB standard and in the same league with European and American energy equipment manufacturers.

1.Characteristics of QNP Turbine

  • High speed, high efficiency, low energy consumption
  • Highly integrated three platform and one station, require smaller space
  • In-the-factory assembly and whole machine transportation make site installation easier, faster and more economical.
  • Single-tier and direct exhaust, condenser floor installation, lower construction cost
  • QNP adopts advanced small pitch-circle technology in its high-end high efficiency turbine products, and hence considerably improved the turbines`flow efficiency.

  • By combining the advanced technology of European turbine with QNP technology, and optimizing the integration between imported advanced R&D tools and advanced domestic design software, QNP has solved the universal defect of inter-stage efficiency loss in most domestic units.

  • Using 3D bending-torsion blade design to improve the final and penultimate stage efficiency and structural strength to ensure long-time continuous operation of the unit.

  • Using high-speed running design and full-cycle steam distribution to improve the unit`s flow efficiency, reduce space occupancy, and make the installation more efficient.

  • Optimized enthalpy drop distribution design, through the comparison of tens of thousands of design data, form the best single-stage enthalpy drop distribution solution to ensure that each unit is in its maximum efficiency.

  • High-precision and high-quality manufacturing process: to ensure the high precision and high quality of key dynamic and static components, the flow passage components are processed by four-axis or five-axis CNC machining center.

  • Specially produced for high-end users, each component is carefully designed and the unit always presented to the customer as a flawless modern industrial artwork.

  • Maximum internal efficiency may reach 88%

2.Technical characteristics of parts

Gland sealing matching: the industry-leading and advanced gland sealing structure design reduces the steam leakage loss.

Blade assembling: the optimized blade molded lines are designed by the international advanced design software and processed by high-grade, high-precision and advanced technology which improve the thermal efficiency greatly.

Governing system: advanced governing methods are used for high control precision and fast response speed and which also has the electronic over-speed trip function, load shedding trip function, as well as auto start, grid connection and on-load function.

Rotor: we have shrink-on rotor and solid forging structure rotor which are all processed by Mitsubishi Planer machine and adjusted by vacuum high speed dynamic balancing machine to make sure the vibration of each position of bearing is in good state when the Steam Turbine running. Small vibration of the rotor we produced is a distinctive characteristic of our products.

Condenser: the stainless steel screwed pipe is used as heat exchanger with good anti- pollution ability and high heat-exchange efficiency. High-quality titanium tube is used when the cooling water is seawater. We use digital controlled lathe for drilling hole.

Casing: the split is processed by one-off molding technology and the precision of which can be 0.0058MM without any steam leakage. The concentric circles of the whole axis are processed by high precision turn-milling of the 5-joint axis machining center.

Diaphragm: we use qualitative carbon steel as the support and make the flow field better comply with the design via special welding technology so as to improve the internal efficiency.

Lubricating oil system: the multiple filtration technology--impurity strainer of oil tank, double bucket strainer for refined filtration, bearing inlet strainer which can be replaced during running--make the turbine oil entering the bearing bush achieve the best performance.

Control and protection system: QNP uses the Siemens microprocessor as the core of the system to ensure the stability and timeliness of signal processing. For important signal, multistage redundancy functions are introduced to ensure the safe and stable operation of equipment. Friendly interface makes operator work easily. More than 3-monthes` record of operating data can be saved by recording system and also can be extracted at any time.  

3.Various layout and application

Except the general double-tier layout structure, we also developed steam turbine with single-tier and fast-installation layout structure, mainly includes:

(1)Oil tank as base plate:

The position of oil tank for Condensing Steam Turbine can be designed under the steam turbine as the base plate with the steam turbine, bearing pedestal and gear box on it which has same horizontal plane with condenser.

(2)Three platform and one station steam turbine:

Composed of steam turbine base plate, auxiliaries base plate, control base plate and centralized oil station for a convenient installation and layout at site. And the centralized pipeline will let the site more clean and tidy.

(3)Axial exhaust type

Mainly applied in 15-50MW condensing and pumping condensing high efficiency turbine. This type of steam turbine adopted single-tier arrangement, with axial exhaust directly into the condenser. Suitable for whole machine delivery, and can considerably shorten the installation period and reduce civil engineering costs.

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