[Meter's Latest Patent] A Multifunctional Water Meter

[Chinese instrument network meter patent] creative limit, instrumentation invention. Today, we introduced a national invention-granting patent - a multi-function water meter. The patent was applied by Cao Peisen and He Shuhua, and was authorized to be announced on August 17, 2016.

Description of the Invention The present invention relates to a water meter, and more particularly to a multi-function meter for collecting PH value, turbidity, chlorine concentration, pressure and flow rate.

BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION The existing tap water meter has the following disadvantages: it can only measure the amount of water at the time of large flow, can not measure the flow of small micro flow, adopts mechanical transmission structure to measure, has low measurement accuracy, has complicated structure, is difficult to manufacture, and has high production cost; At the same time multi-parameter acquisition and processing. Therefore, a new technical solution is needed to solve the above technical problems.

SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION In order to overcome the above defects, the present invention provides a multifunctional water meter, which is simple in structure, convenient to manufacture, and compact in size. The large rotameter and the small rotameter are used for measuring small micrometer flowmeters, and the metering accuracy is high.

The figure is a schematic view of the principal structure of the invention
The technical solution adopted by the present invention to solve the technical problems thereof is: a multifunctional water meter including a shell, a large flow metering chamber, a hardware chamber and a small micro flow metering chamber, and a water pipe inlet and a water pipe are arranged on the shell. Connected to the outlet, the inlet of the water pipe communicates with a large flow measuring chamber, and the water pipe outlet communicates with a small micro flow measuring chamber, and the large flow measuring chamber and the small micro flow measuring chamber communicate with each other through an electronically controlled valve. The large flow measurement chamber is provided with a generator and an impeller for rotating the generator. The small micro flow measurement chamber is provided with a large rotameter and a small rotameter. The large rotameter has a calibration axis. The large rotor in the large-rotor flowmeter is sleeved on a correction shaft, the aperture of the large-rotor flowmeter gradually decreases from the top to the bottom, and the aperture of the small-rotor flowmeter gradually increases from the top to the bottom. The signal processing module is disposed in the hardware room. The generator, the large rotameter, the rotameter and the electronically controlled valve are all connected with the signal processing module.

The invention measures small micro flow through a small rotameter, measures a slightly larger flow through a large rotameter, and measures the flow under normal conditions through the power generated by the impeller, realizing full flow through three segments, and measuring Increased level. In addition, the water flow can be cut off through the electronically controlled valve 7 to shut off the waterway. The entire process can be monitored electronically. The monitoring data can be fed back to the water company in time to facilitate the supervision and management of each user by the water company.

Further, a PH value sensor, a turbidity sensor, a chlorine concentration sensor, and a pressure sensor are disposed in the water outlet, and the PH value sensor, the turbidity sensor, the chlorine concentration sensor, and the pressure sensor are all connected with the signal processing module.

Still further, an energy storage battery is provided in the hardware room, and the energy storage battery is connected to a generator.

Further, an external data port is reserved on the signal processing module, and the signal processing module can automatically or remotely open and close the electronic control valve.

The invention has the advantages of simple structure, convenient manufacture, compact size, two rotameters and phased metering for small micro flow, so that the measurement accuracy is high.

For more information, please download the full specification of the patent.

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