How to Do Video Delay in Wireless Surveillance System

If video is stuck and the picture is delayed during wireless video surveillance, this is undoubtedly the most unacceptable. With the development of modernization, the requirements for wireless surveillance are high-definition, real-time, and smooth. We know that because the wireless monitoring system involves several aspects of wireless monitoring equipment, real-time completion is not possible, but if it is well controlled, the delay can be reduced to almost the same as real-time, invisible to the naked eye. Here we talk about how to minimize the delay.

1. Impact on the performance of the wireless video monitoring device: Due to the insufficient CPU processing capability or system response speed of the device responsible for transmission, a delay occurs in the transmission process.

If we want to transmit 1080P/60 frames of high-definition video data over a broadband-limited network without delay, we must first adopt a chip dedicated to video processing, and then, through innovation and reform of the internal architecture and application algorithms of the transmission equipment. Improve the compression ratio of video encoding so that the video data will not be excessively delayed during transmission, and generally can be kept below 40ms.

2, on the impact of decoder performance: the so-called decoder generally refers to the decoder itself or the client for decoding, if the client's host configuration. The quality of the decoder can easily affect the video decoding speed. If the quality is not good, video delay or card screening may occur. However, what needs to be explained here is that in the course of decoding or encoding, the system automatically adds buffering to maintain the fluency of the video, which is also prone to slight delays.

An expensive codec may not be good, and a cheap codec may not be bad. When selecting a codec, it is not a matter of the price, but whether the standard is appropriate or not. It is better to choose a high quality and match. Codec, this is more conducive to the transmission of video data and reduce the delay phenomenon.

3, on the performance of the transmission line: As we all know, a good network cable and a bad network cable, naturally, a good cable transmission efficiency is higher, but prone to delays and other adverse effects is a bad cable, so choose High-quality transmission equipment is an important measure to reduce delays; in the wired transmission, it is naturally a network cable, and in wireless transmission, high-quality wireless transmission equipment must be selected.

4, on the transmission process of relay equipment jump effect: In the transmission process, each jump once, it means to increase the processing time of a transit device, so the more the number of jumps, the greater the time loss caused. Therefore, reducing the number of jumps in designing the transmission route can effectively reduce the delay.

5, on the performance of the switch: When the network traffic becomes larger, the switch and the router's processing time will accordingly longer, and the poor quality of the switch's delay, packet loss rate, backplane bandwidth, switching capacity, packet forwarding Rates and other factors will also be directly reflected in the network transmission process, so controlling network traffic and selecting quality switches are also effective means to reduce the delay.

The time delay of Shenzhen Leian Technology's wireless monitoring equipment is very small, and within a few milliseconds, it is close to real-time.

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