How to maintain the diesel generator set

The word “diesel generator set carbon deposit” has not been heard by most users, nor does it know what this is all about. For the technicians, it is necessary to know the concept of the carbon deposit of the diesel generator set and the reasons for this phenomenon, and also to know how to handle and solve the problem.

The so-called diesel generator carbon deposit is actually a product of incomplete combustion of diesel oil and engine oil that has entered the combustion chamber. It is a common phenomenon that carbon deposits are generated at the top of the piston of the diesel engine, the combustion chamber wall and the valve. A large amount of carbon deposits will affect the performance of the diesel generator set, and its ultimate performance is: to make the combustion worse, heat transfer worse, and reduce the reliability of the injector operation.

There are many reasons for the carbon deposits caused by the generator set. Based on many years of in-person experience, the author concludes that there are six main reasons for generating carbon deposits in the generator set:

1. The fuel injector is not working properly, such as poor atomization, drip oil, high or low injection pressure, and premature or late injection time, and excessive fuel injection, which will cause partial fuel combustion to be incomplete.

2. The engine oil is serious.

3. Severe leak.

4. The temperature of the cooling water is too low, affecting the normal combustion of the fuel.

5. The diesel and oil grades are not correct and the quality is poor. After combustion, carbon residue forms.

6. Diesel engine overload or temperature is too high, the fire is too early and the fuel burns incomplete
The governor must meet the stability conditions:
1 When the speed of the unit deviates from the set value, the governor can respond accordingly. At the same time, it must have a constant restoring force to restore the governor to the initial state. The spring in the centrifugal governor is the part that generates the restoring force. Such a governor is called a statically stable governor. However, the statically stable governor may also be subject to dynamic instability during the adjustment process. When the adjustment is excessive and reverse regulation occurs, the actual adjustment action will form an oscillation process. The governor that can quickly attenuate the oscillation energy is called a dynamic stable governor. Otherwise, it is a dynamically unstable governor. The latter cannot guarantee the normal operation of the machine.

2 Adding damping in a regulating system is one way to improve dynamic stability. Adjusting the damping in the system, such as the friction in the pair of movements, gives the governor a certain degree of insensitivity, ie when the speed of the controlled shaft deviates slightly from the set value, the governor does not produce a corresponding action. The insensitivity of a mechanical governor is generally about 1% of its set value. Sensitive governors can also cause undue adjustments due to periodic speed fluctuations during normal operation of the unit.

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