Discover gold with the Minelab SDC 2300 Metal Detector

When I went outside, I didn't take great expectations when I started using this Minelab SDC 2300. Later, I found three natural gold blocks, totaling 2.5 grams. The more I use this detector , I will The more happy you are, because it helped me find gold. I pulled my brother-in-law out and gave him a few pieces of metal to teach him how to use the machine. In an old place with 22-foot copper, I told him that we needed to get this because they would protect us against any comparison. Small target impact. After determining that we went out and found a faint target, I told him that encountering large gold is like this brass shell attached to the surface, and most gold is such a weak target on the sound. We dug it, it is the smallest piece shown in the three photos.

I got out and did a little more prospecting with the SDC 2300, and got 3 more nuggets, total weight 2.5 grams. The more I use this detector the happier I am with it and its finding good gold for me. I took my brother in Law out with me and with the external speaker gave him a few lessons in nugget detecting. There were a bunch of old 22 caliper brass shells at this one place, and I told him we needed to get these out of the way because they would shield Us from hearing any smaller targets. Sure enough, we got them out of the way, and right in the middle of where they were was a fainter target. I told him that while larger nuggets would sound like those brass shells near the surface, most Gold would sound like this fainter target. We dug it and it was the smallest of the three nuggets shown in the photo.

SDC2300 Folding Waterproof Gold Detector

The SDC2300 is a high-performance, medium-distance gold detector suitable for any geological condition. It is particularly sensitive to small gold nuggets less than one gram on land and in water. This compact waterproof gold detector has a folding function and does not require installation. It can help you quickly find more small particles of gold.

Has the following characteristics:

1. Full waterproof up to 3.5 meters, mainly used in underwater and humid places.

2. It is very simple to use and very sensitive to less than 1 gram of gold.

3. The SDC2300 gold detector uses much newer technology than conventional pulse detectors to transmit signals.

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