Couples went into secrecy by registering for fraud.

The reporter learned yesterday that the security department of Guangzhou Baiyun Airport recently seized a pair of young couples who attempted to use their identity cards to take the opportunity. According to reports, security checkers at Baiyun Airport often find impostors, but it is rare for both husband and wife to take part in an impostor at the same time.

On the same day, a lady with a child over the age of one entered the security checkpoint in District B of Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport. Security personnel found that the woman had a very different appearance from the photo on the ID card and asked him to inquire about the identity of the woman. The information on the card was correct, but after careful checking, the security inspector still found the woman to be an imposter and transferred it to the airport police for handling.

However, after about twenty minutes or so, another passage in the security inspection seized a male passenger carrying a child and took the opportunity to take the opportunity. When the squadron leader handled it in the past, he recognized at first glance that the child was a child whom the impostor had just held. The male passenger was worried about being abducted. He explained that the woman was his wife.

Originally, in order to hide debts, the couple borrowed other people’s ID cards to buy tickets. Because of fear of the two being tailed, the husband and wife agreed to separate and enter the security check-in at the time of boarding. The wife first took the child through security and the husband saw the machine outside. When the husband saw her wife, she decided to bring the child away. As a result, both husband and wife were taken to the airport public security police to meet.

Baiyun Airport security personnel reminded the majority of passengers that it is an illegal act to use their identity information to take the opportunity. It is hoped that passengers will consciously abide by the law and use legitimate and valid identity documents to take the opportunity.