What should be paid attention to in the operation of a 5-ton crane?

There are more and more people buying 5 tons of cranes on the market, but many people only know that cranes are cranes used to lift and carry goods. In fact, there is not much understanding of the 5-ton crane. For the crane driver, it is very important to understand the operating precautions and safe operation methods. In the face of various problems in the 5-ton crane, how to solve it?

5 tons of cranes encounter emergency stop signal how to do? To ensure the safe use of the crane , the service life is longer, and some maintenance and maintenance of the crane are also required. First of all, daily inspections are very important. For example, before driving, a detailed inspection of the crane's brakes, hooks, and other safety devices is required. If something is wrong during the inspection process, it can be eliminated before the operation, greatly reducing the risk of unsafe factors. At the same time, be sure to ring or alarm before driving to prevent someone from approaching without knowing. In the face of an emergency stop signal, no matter who sent it or where it was issued, it must be implemented immediately to ensure safety.

What if I suddenly lose power in the crane? The power supply for the 5-ton crane must be managed by someone. If there is no person on the crane or there is no person around, the main power supply can be closed. When closing, it is also important to note that the handles of all controllers are used at zero. When you find out that there is a power outage during the work process, the first thing to do is to turn all the controller handles back to the zero position. Before resuming the work, you need to conduct a detailed inspection to see if the work devices of the crane are all normal. In addition, when working in different weather conditions, it is important to note that if the wind power is greater than 6 degrees, it is necessary to stop work, not to drive, and to anchor the crane . When we are doing routine maintenance and care, we must pay attention to cutting off the main power supply, marking it in a manner that prevents others from knowing it and operating it casually to prevent unnecessary dangerous situations.

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