Metro LED lighting standardization road opens

Following Beijing, Guangzhou, Wuhan and Shenzhen, the Shanghai Metro is also equipped with LED lighting, which has become another major area for LED lighting in the subway.
Since the subway line is underground, the operation time requires lighting, which makes the lighting of the subway a large part of the energy consumption. LED lighting has a great energy-saving advantage compared to traditional lighting, so it is logical to replace traditional lighting in the subway.
In addition, the subway will sway during operation, the life of ordinary lighting products will often be shortened, so that lighting products need to be replaced more frequently, and LED as a solid-state light source, its stability is better, and its life expectancy is much longer than traditional lighting. The product allows the staff to avoid the hassle of frequently maintaining and replacing the fixture.
At present, there are about 48 domestic subways, and 28 cities are building subways, and traditional lighting is used in existing domestic subway networks. Among them, the lighting system of public areas in 14 stations in Guangzhou will start the replacement of energy-saving LED lamps this year, and the number of lamps and lanterns will be about 18,000. France's Paris public transport organization, Ratp, also cooperated with Philips to retrofit LEDs for the 250,000 lamps of the 302 metro stations of the Paris Express Railway network and 66 suburban subway stations. The LED market potential of the subway lighting is quite large.
China's "Technical Specifications for LED Lighting for Metro Places" has detailed the procurement specifications for subway LED lighting, opening up a standardization path for subway LED lighting, and the application of LED lighting in the subway will be more extensive.

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