Filled goods semi-trailer operating skills

The heavy-duty drive of semi-trailer refers to the actual driving after the car is loaded. The driving of heavy trucks is not easy. Not only does it require a lot of physical strength, but it also has a high demand for driving skills. Because of the semi-trailer loading, the weight of the vehicle is greatly increased, and the various parts of the vehicle's technical performance and the ratio of empty vehicles are greatly changed. If you drive a heavy truck, accidentally causing traffic accidents. Therefore, heavy truck drivers must take appropriate actions.

When turning, the turning radius should be appropriately increased. When encountering the situation of the vehicle during driving, the vehicle and the obstacle should be taken in advance, and appropriate measures should be taken in advance. The braking or stopping should not be operated in the vicinity, because the inertia of the drive is lower than the speed. The use of appropriate brakes in advance guarantees the braking effect and attention is paid to avoid emergency braking. Parking should choose a safe place, pay attention to the physical level along the road, not too close. After the flame was turned off, pay attention to lowering the attitude, hang upside down on the uphill to hang the reverse gear, and tighten the handbrake. Stop on steep slopes, but also in the wheel pad triangle wood or larger stones to prevent the vehicle from sliding.

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